A perfect day

Yesterday we drove to Boston and spent a few hours at the Museum of Fine Arts. I hadn’t been there in years and had, er, forgotten how wonderful it is. We particularly enjoyed the Egyptian exhibits…and the room filled with Etruscan finds (as a child, I thought that I would be THE one to solve the mystery of the Etruscan language, so I have a soft spot for Etruria…), including two eIMG_1275xtraordinary volcanic stone sarcophagus lids, both portraying the loving embrace of a husband and wife.

But then we wandered into the Impressionist area…and I saw one of my favorite paintings in the world: Renoir’s “Dance at Bougival.” I’d forgotten that it was there. Super! To my amazement, photos (no flash, of course) are allowed in the museum…so I don’t think that I have broken any laws by publishing this photo. Of course, the REAL painting is…much better!

From the MFA, we drove to Cambridge, where we spent a couple of happily nostalgic (for me) hours wandering around Harvard Yard, taking photos, having hot fudge sundaes at Herrell’s…yes, a perfect day…and today we are off to Provincetown, hoping to see some whales!


  1. Have you tried any baked beans yet Margaret? When I visited Boston, it seems they put baked beans on pretty much everything! I’m exaggerating of course, but they did put baked beans on top of many things I would never have thought of…even my hotdog! It was tasty too! I’m glad you are enjoying your vacation! Be safe, Donna

  2. So glad you’re having a great MA vacation and that the weather has been cooperating (hope the whales do, too).
    What’s wrong with baked beans on a hot dog? Donna, it sounds as if you’re not from around heah!

  3. Hi Lucie!
    I think baked beans on a hot dog is an absolutely splendid idea! : ) It’s an unlikely combination here in the South but hey, it may just catch on! : ) Add a little chili and cole slaw and you have a meal on a bun! We enjoyed our visit to Boston so much, we’d like to go back! We’ll be sure to purchase more baked beans while we’re there! Yum! Donna

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