Curcumin and melphalan together against multiple myeloma

I have at least a gazillion of things to do today…get stuff ready and pack, mainly. But I can’t help posting quickly about a study that Google Alerts plopped into my mailbox earlier this morning: The full study is in Chinese, so I won’t bother asking my dear Sherlock to get it for me…but the gist is: Curcumin combined with melphalan results in synergistic effects and reverses multiple drug resistance of MOLP-2/R cells effectively. (This MOLP thingie, by the way, is bad news: a multidrug-resistant myeloma cell line.)

Yet another example of how curcumin can increase the effectiveness of some chemo drugs. Okay, I have to go now. See y’all on Monday or Tuesday! Ciao! 

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  1. I note that Pernicious Anemia -which was quite likely a
    myeloid cancer was ,successfully , treated in 1878 (article in the British Medical Journal -using FOWLERS
    SOLUTION=This is 1% Potassium Arsenate-patients were alive and well 5 years later.
    In the 1960s word came out of China about their successes with traditional REALGAR treatments-realgar
    is supposed to be even safer than Fowlers Solution
    (note people in Austria and Syria were Arsenic eaters).
    Based on the good results (even with Multiple Myeloma) There are now 17 Organo Arsenicals under
    trial in the USA -TRISENOX was approved in 2000
    is Arsenic Trioxide.
    MOSO BAMBOO SHOOTS are rich in natural organo-arsenicals-they are far less toxic than the inorganic
    forms such as REALGAR-Having said that -I know where China is and can find the clinics treating
    patients for a number of myeloid cancers and we will
    fly there rather than wait for very expensive druga to
    get approved and patented.
    NB=HIJIKI SEAWEED up to 3-5 grams/day is considered sfae to eat ,By the japanese Health Dept
    and contains inoganic and organic arsenic;
    We will only consider thse options if the first treatment-with thalidomide,combined with 8 grams of Curcumin 95%/day does not show enough improvement
    We are also takinig two cloves of fresh Garlic daily and Kay feels much better-We cross our fingers and keep researching.
    Keep Fighting-Regards To All,
    Alex and Kay Whiteside.

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