Preparing for puffins

Busy days. And early Friday morning Stefano and I are leaving for Skomer Island, located off the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales. The island is a sanctuary for all sorts of seabirds, including my beloved puffins. We will be spending one night there, right on the island, I mean…though I doubt we will get any sleep…birds can be very noisy, plus there is a lot going on after dark, for instance the Manx shearwaters are out and about (see: …oh, what an experience…I can’t wait! Stefano is very excited, too. He checks the Skomer Island blog every day:


Even though we haven’t even begun packing, I actually feel quite organized. I have a list of all the things that we must take with us, from hair clips, blister medication, bandaids and hats to hand sanitizer, flashlights, antibiotics, extra memory cards and umbrellas. And curcumin, of course!


The local UK forecast doesn’t look too great right at the moment (I am still hopeful, though…), but we are well equipped with our Gore-tex boots and everything-proof jackets, so a bit or even a lot of rain will certainly not dampen our spirits and enthusiasm. Hah!


We will be back in Florence on Monday morning. Yes, this is going to be a quick trip. But well worth it, I hope! Puffin darlings, here we come!


Have a great weekend, everyone!


P.S. Hmmm, Stefano just sent me this interesting bit of news on acetaminophen, see:


  1. Con tutto questo entusiasmo per i pulcinotti mi sa che avresti dovuto fare l’etologa 🙂
    Vi auguro un bellissimo viaggio!!!!


  2. Have a great time Margaret. The weather is beautiful here at the moment – hotter than Oz – but they are forecasting a cooler weekend with sunshine with showers. Keep an eye on the Met Office website though because it does change quickly sometimes and the tip of Pembrokeshire has its own climate.
    Someone told me recently that they had great views of Puffins on Skomer as they were walking across the path to feed their young.

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