Sunken treasures

Early tomorrow morning Stefano and I are going to an art exhibition just outside of Turin (region of Piemonte) titled “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures,” which includes more than 500 ancient Egyptian artefacts that were found at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. I am mainly intrigued by the fact that part of the exhibit reproduces this underwater environment. It sounds spectacular. More details can be viewed here:


Since Venaria Reale is a 4.5 hour drive from Florence, we will have to spend the night there (a neighbour is going to care of our kitties, as I take care of hers when she is gone…works out perfectly for both of us). On Sunday, before returning to Florence, we will also visit the Baroque royal palace that hosts this exhibit, the 17th century Venaria Reale (, and its incredible-looking gardens. Both the palace and its park are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


And, even though I admit that Baroque is not my favourite style (I am more of a Romanesque type of gal…), I imagine that we will take our usual million and a half photos…but I will try very hard not to post all of them…hehe. Have a great weekend and…see you on Monday!

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