Bursting capsules

A blog reader, who is also a friend of mine in real life, recently had an autologous stem cell transplant. Now that he has recovered from the procedure, he is following my curcumin protocol.


Well, he wrote me a story that, with his permission, I thought I should post, mainly to remind us to be extra careful when handling a certain…er…item.


His wife recently bought him a nice blue and white designer shirt that he wore on only one occasion, then put in the wash. Unfortunately, though, he forgot to check his shirt pocket, which happened to contain a curcumin capsule. Most of you, certainly the curcumin-takers!, can imagine what happened next. Yep…


The capsule exploded like a “bomb” inside the washing machine, staining everything yellow…in particular the expensive designer shirt, which, even after being rewashed several times and soaked in a bit of mild bleach, still has a deep yellow stain stretching from the neck to the sleeve…


He was hoping that I might have a miracle remedy for such an occurrence, but I do not….other than using a bit o’ bleach…eh.


So, may this be a dire warning to us all…check your pockets before putting your dirty clothes in the washing machine. You can never be sure that a curcumin capsule won’t mysteriously materialize inside a pocket or a seam…mischievous stuff, curcumin!


  1. Hi Margaret,
    I feel your friend’s pain! While stirring my curcumin and warm milk one night, I accidently sloshed one droplet onto the carpet! Not good! After repeated tries and remedies, it’s still there! If only curcumin would cling to those dastardly Myeloma cells the way it clings to fabric! : )

  2. hi,

    one way to clean curcumin contaminated parts is to put this parts into sunshine over several hours. curcumin is not UV resistend.
    may be it is the last chance to clean parts from curcumin.

  3. Rudi, Brilliant idea. Curcumin mostly comes in dark bottles and is degraded by … light!
    Why didn’t I think of that? Does it work after washing or is the stain more permanently set/ I have some stained dishcloths from wiping it up.

  4. Is it my imgaination or is all this hype about curcumin and weight loss a recent phenomenon? I get like ten hits a day through my google alert now, on curc, and weight loss, or at least avoiding weight GAIN.
    It started me thinking – the mechanism is that it inhibits new blood vessels in fat, so it can’t grow – and of course that is the purpose with cancer, to inhibit blood vessels that feed cancer growth – so how does this affect muscle tissue, when you excercise the hope is to add blood vessels/new muscle? Maybe Don would weigh in on that, as a runner with mm.

  5. Hi,
    it’s me and Curcumin in the washing machine was really an experience!
    After having washed it several times again, the Curcumin has disappeared, let’s say by 70%, but well, it’s a shirt,

    Rudi, even here you are a source of impressive and valuable information ;-), will try to put the shirt on the sun for the next days, likely ist sunny and warm now here

  6. Sunshine (UV rays) absolutely works like a charm with curcumin stains! An hour in the sun and Voila! Stain is totally gone! No bleach necessary! I have forgotten to put clothes with stains in the sun until after they have gone through the dryer and they still come out perfectly. How to get a stained carpet into the sun is another problem. . .

  7. I haven’t found anything that works for curcumin stains either, but am definitely going to try sunshine. I have some clothes that I’m embarrassed to wear.

    Interesting question: If curcumin inhibits the formation of the tiniest blood cells (anti-angiogenic), thus inhibiting the formation of new cancer cells, why does it not also inhibit the ones that we need, like the repair of muscles, including the heart? Worse, we know that thalidomide, which works the same way, caused deformed babies when their mothers took it. Why doesn’t curcumin do that too?

    I’m not taking curcumin in large doses any more, because it didn’t help me enough. I’m taking CC-4047, a thalidomide derivative, with DEX, and my leg muscle mass is definitely decreasing. Dr L at Mayo thinks, though, that this is from the DEX, not the CC-4047, because DEX can have this effect all by itself. It apparently hasn’t affected my heart, and she thinks that’s because the heart is a different kind of muscle.

    But CC-4047, Revlimid, and thalidomide are not off the hook for sure. From another Mayo professional: They might (!) contribute to thinning of the skin, which constantly self-renews from underneath, and perhaps even the intestines, which similarly self-renew.

  8. I had to chuckle about that one. I have also ruined (if bright yellow splotches are considered ruinous) towels, pants, and, yes, shirts.

    I now do my curcumin in the morning, before I take my shower. I put on my old robe (ruined pink when my usually careful wife washed my white terrycloth robe with a red shirt) to prepare the curcumin.

    I don’t put any in any pockets. I just get it done, and drink it down, in warm coconut milk.

    I can just see that formerly white shirt…

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