Ciao, G.

Yesterday morning I was just about to leave the house to go to work when I received the news that Stefano’s cousin’s husband, G., had passed away the previous night. His death did not come as a surprise. When he was admitted to the hospital last week, in fact, the doctors told him that there was nothing more that could be done…that he was dying. We all knew it was a matter of days, perhaps hours.

You see, G. found out in late January that he had pancreatic cancer. By that time, the blasted cancer had metastasized and spread to other organs.

Well, Stefano and I have just returned to Florence, after attending G.’s funeral in southern Italy late yesterday afternoon.

Eh, I cannot write about this right now. Too many emotions…sorrow, anger (=of the “life is so bloody unfair” type), shock, exhaustion, distress…

G. was only 42 years old…father of a three-year-old boy…


  1. I’m so sorry.

    Stupid me sent you a light-hearted email today before checking your blog entry.

    I’m sorry for your pain …and crying for his son.

  2. M,

    I am so sorry to hear this news.

    Your website has helped me a great deal since my wife was
    diagnosed with MM in Oct. 08.

    There are no words to convey my condolences.


  3. So sorry to read this posting and there is me, asking you all these questions on Curcumin..should have taken a peep at your blog first…my sincere apologies. We are sorry for your loss.

  4. Sentite condoglianze.
    Una morte cosi’ precoce e’ veramente innaturale (la mia eta’).
    Siate vicini al povero bimbo.

  5. My thoughts are with you, Stefano and G’s family, as you say life is so unfair.

    It makes me realise how lucky I am only to have smoldering myeloma and to have found out early. At least I have time to do things that I may have left unsaid or undone.

    Try the EFT (emotional freedom technique) to take away the anger, it may help.


  6. #@!! cancer. What a blight. I’m so sorry for your loss, and Stefano’s, and of course, this cousin’s family. I hope that his life, and his love for family and friends, will fill your memories and comfort you.

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