That time of year again…

Ah yes, it’s that time of year: the dreaded SPRING CLEANING! spring_cleaning1For the past few days (it was a long holiday weekend in Italy), Stefano and I have been cleaning the house and rearranging things. From early morning until dinnertime. We have also begun the yearly chore of weeding and cleaning up our organic garden. Every muscle in my body aches, even muscles that I didn’t know existed…but we are pleased with the results (so far…we aren’t done yet!), and that’s what counts. Anyway, I have had almost no time to check my e-mail and even less time to do any research…oh well.

A friend (thanks!) sent me a link to an interesting BBC Science article (mainly) on the dancing cockatoo that I posted about not too long ago. Watching this bird bob up and down cracks me up every time:

Okay, I’d better get back to my cleaning (sigh), then I have my classes to prepare for tomorrow. Ciao!

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