“Pearls before breakfast”


Thank you so very much for reminding me of this extraordinary story, LPC. I won’t make any comments but simply post the link to an April 2007 Washington Post article (don’t forget to press all the Play buttons…ahhhh, bliss!). Mind-boggling…or…perhaps not?




  1. If my impression of Italy when I was there is correct, there would have been a large crowd. However, we in the U.S. are driven too much by the clock. And at rush hour? What is a person to say? “Sorry I’m late, Boss. There was this musician…”

  2. Oh how sad, but the music was fantasic. It’s not often that I get engrossed by a newspaper article, but I had to read this one all the way to the end.

    What a sad existance some didn’t even realised that there was a musician playing. I think they are right, too many people go around with their ears, eyes and minds (ref your link to “The odd couple”) shut. There is so much beauty out there if only people took the time to find it…. so much more valuable than money.


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