Because we like it

Part One.

After publishing my third year curcumin anniversary post, I realized that I hadn’t mentioned that 2009 also marks two other anniversaries:


1.     Ten years ago I was diagnosed with MGUS, the benign predecessor of multiple myeloma. Ten years…

2.     In May of this year, Stefano and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. If we can find a reliable cat sitter and save enough pennies, we plan to take an anniversary trip to the UK in early June.


Part Two.

An amusing thing happened today during one of my English classes. Of course, it involved Colleague C, who else? (If you would like to read more of her quips, just do a Search for “Colleague C” on my blog.)


I was about to explain the differences in use of the verbs “see, look and watch.” First, though, as is my habit, I asked my students if they could think of any. Colleague C piped up immediately: usually, we use “see” because we like it. We use “look” when we look for our keys. And we use “watch” when we watch T.V.


Trying (unsuccessfully) to suppress a giggle, I asked: is that it?


Colleague C, pretending to be surprised: yes.


[She was kidding, of course…but it got us all laughing]

And now I am going to take the rest of the afternoon off to watch CNN International’s coverage of President Obama’s inauguration, which, incidentally, was one of the topics all of my students were enthusiastically discussing in class today. They happily informed me that “oggi è l’Obama Day.”

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