Bones of steel

This morning I finally went to pick up these results, which have been ready for, uhmmmm, about ten days. Oh well…better late than never…


I almost developed a headache trying to puzzle out all the standard deviations and graphs…finally gave up and decided to wait until I see my endocrinologist in February to get a clear picture of what it all means. But the main thing is spelled out on the result sheet:


My bone density is NORMAL. Absolutely and wonderfully normal. That’s all that I need to know…for now!


Update: I just conferred with Sherlock, whose vast experience with bone density test results led her to tell me that my results are amazingly good…better than hers, in fact. Wow.


  1. Normal? I don’t think Margaret’s results are just that. Her doxa bone density test delivered wonderful results: actually Margaret is in the green upper part of the graphic (almost outside of it). I’m sure when the endocrinologist sees them, will want to know more on curcumin and its properties re bone density.
    For the moment only that: Margaret’s bones are as strong as iron 🙂

  2. This is great news. I think that the possibility of skeletal damage is the scariest thing about MM. If you have both overcome the problem, that’s just brilliant. Well done – a wonderful Christmas present.

  3. Wonderful news Margaret,

    I hope you are fully recovered, I haven’t felt good, but I have managed to fend off a full blown cold, with a few days of bed rest.

    Wishing you the best of health always


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