The green kind

Yesterday I finished watching “Cranford,” the 2007 BBC series based on the homonymous novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, a 19th century English writer whom I happen to admire.


I am mentioning this series today because of a couple of amusing (to me, at least) sentences uttered by one of the characters, elderly Miss Matty—wonderful brilliant fabulous Judi Dench.


A few explanatory words: due to difficult financial circumstances, Miss Matty is forced to begin selling tea to the inhabitants of her village. And this is what she has to say about going into trade:


I will stock any sort of tea except the green kind. It is so fearfully bad for the digestion.


I thought I was going to choke. 🙂


This morning I found the green tea episode in the novel (which I have in my library but haven’t read yet). Miss Matty considers green tea to be “slow poison, sure to destroy the nerves, and produce all manner of evil.” Hehe. Note: in the end, though, due to customer demand, she resigns herself to selling it.


There were many “Cranford” sentences that tickled my funny bone. Here are a few of my favourites:


1.     The village rector, whose daughter has been taken ill, is told by the elderly doctor: Lavish your daughter with eggs and affection.

2.     Miss Deborah (Miss Matty’s sister): I would prefer it if I did not enjoy oranges. Consuming them is a most incommodious business. (Mental note: must use “most incommodious” in my writing.)

3.     Miss Matty: I have never liked the notion that the world is round. It makes me feel so giddy.

4.     Miss Matty: I shall arrange myself by the window.


Brilliant. Charming. Terrific acting all around. Perfect for those of us who enjoy BBC period dramas (ahhh, Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth…).


This afternoon I am starting on the BBC 2005 adaptation of Dickens’ “Bleak House.” There is definitely something to be said for having a cough and being “forced” to rest for part of the day…(though I am much much better now! Another two days, and I will be as fit as a fiddle…drat, no more excuses for lying in bed with the kitties and watching period dramas…). 😉


  1. Bleak House is fantastic and Mr Guppy is probably the funniest character ever. Every performance is stunning.

    Have you also tried North & South which, for my money, is far better than P&P even? A beautiful story, beautifully filmed and sure to set you right. (although you might find yourself in a swoon over the leading man!)

    Laura Essendine
    Author – The Accidental Guru
    The Books Limited Blog

  2. Wonderful Wonderful “Cranford” – So beautifully produced with the very best casting as usual. Have you watched “Little Dorrit” which is so very lovely and also more recently “Lark Rise to Candleford” another superb series. I send my best wishes to you. My darling Husband is also a MM sufferer, not doing so well at the moment – see http// I read your blog avidly, thank you.

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