Voglio un mondo comico

Last August, while Stefano and I were driving around Burgundy, France, we listened to all sorts of music. We don’t have the same taste in music so this wasn’t an easy task at times, but we do agree on Ligabue, a well-known Italian rock star. So Ligabue became our France 2008 soundtrack (together with Mozart when we wanted something quieter…).

Yesterday, for the first time since we’ve been back, I listened to the Ligabue CD while driving to work. And I was almost instantly transported back to Burgundy…gone was the stressful Florence morning rush hour traffic, gone were the reckless kids zooming between cars on their motorcycles, gone was the unnecessary honking…the pollution…and I was back in France, driving on the country roads of Bourgogne, with lovely green hills and fields all around me. 😎


One of my favourite Ligabue songs is “Voglio volere,” which means, literally, “I want to want.” Some of my favourite lines (my quick translation):


I want a comical world [that’s my blog post title]

I want a world that makes us laugh

I want to wake up whenever I want to

From all my dreams

I want to succeed in not growing up

I want to remain awake always

With all of my dreams

I want a comical world

That doesn’t give a hoot if it seems ridiculous

I want never to say “it’s late”

Or “too bad…”

I want every moment

To be better than the one that has already gone by.

I want to enjoy [life] as long as possible.


So do I.

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