Going home

I may not have chosen the most appropriate title for this post, since Italy (Firenze!) is really my home…I grew up here, went through the Italian school system, my friends are Italian, I love this country, Italians, the lifestyle, the food, etc. etc. etc.…


At any rate, regardless of where “home” is!, next week I will be accompanying my parents, who have been staying here with us since June, back to their home in the States. The main reason for this trip is that I haven’t seen my sister and niece in more than two years (I miss them terribly). Plus, flights are a lot cheaper now so I can afford my ticket. And besides, who would pass up an opportunity to see Massachusetts in the glorious fall? 😀


I will have access to a computer at my parents’ house, so I will be posting whenever possible, mostly when I am not getting clobbered at Scrabble…my sister and niece are ferocious Scrabble players (I have no idea why they won’t let me play in Italian…eh!).


Yes, I admit, I can’t wait to leave. Even though I just recently found out that the Myeloma Patient and Family Seminar organized by the Associazione Mario Schirinzi and the International Myeloma Foundation will be held in Prato, near Florence, on Saturday October 18th…and, can you believe it???!!!, I return to Italy on the 19th. This means that I will MISS the seminar by just one day. Just ONE day!!! 😯 And I can’t change my el cheapo plane ticket. Too bad! I had been very much looking forward to attending this seminar…among others, Dr. Boccadoro and Dr. Durie will be speaking, and Suzie Novis will be there…oh bummer bummer bummer! Okay, no more whining, I promise.


If you live in or near Tuscany and would be interested in attending, though, please see the website Mieloma Help for more information (I have a link to it on the right-hand side of my homepage). Or write to me privately, or leave me a comment, or (!) fill out my (new) Contact form (also on the right-hand side of my homepage). Vittorio sent me the programme, which I would be glad to forward upon request.


Well, there will be other seminars…eh. Mannaggia però…


  1. Enjoy your trip. My husband once saw Massachusett’s fall foliage and said our fall foliage in Maryland does not compare with it.

  2. Hope you have a nice trip, Margaret and will be able to
    “get away from it all” for a while.
    There is a saying “Home is where the heart is”,so whether
    you are visiting or leaving it, relax,take stock,and return
    Old Bill.
    ps. Don’t even look at a computer.

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