I am at an Internet café in Saulieu, Bourgogne, typing on a very slow old Mac that has a French keyboard (!), so this will be très BRIEF! Bourgogne is lovely, we have been travelling all over the place and enjoying the pure air and the food (the cheese, mamma mia). Too bad I cannot upload any photos. Ok, I have had enough fun with this bloody keyboard…and Flavigny sur Ozerain (where “Chocolat” was filmed) awaits us, so off we go! Hope everyone is okay. Take care, à bientot!


  1. My Spidey senses detect laughter and joy. It is tough being certain I have the correct couple, but you have a rather unique signature. Have some great “Chocolat”


  2. I am sure you already know but wanted to share good news:

    Spice-Based Compound May Kill Cancer Cells
    United Press International

    August 18, 2008

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — U.S. scientists say they’ve used a spice-based compound as a starting point to develop synthetic molecules able to kill cancer cells.

    The Ohio State University researchers said they combined organic chemistry, computer-aided design and molecular biological techniques to develop and test pharmaceutical compounds that, in lab settings, are able to kill breast and prostate cancer cells and stop them from spreading.

    Assistant Professor James Fuchs said the synthetic molecules are derived from curcumin, a naturally occurring compound found in the spice turmeric.

    “Newer evidence describes how curcumin interacts with certain proteins to generate anti-cancer activity inside the body,” said Fuchs. “We’re focusing on the pathways that are most involved in cancer and trying to optimize for those properties.”

    Fuchs presented the research Sunday in Philadelphia during the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.

    Copyright 2008 by United Press International

  3. Love your Blog, I am an MM sufferer and have been using curcumin on and off, seems to upset my stomach. My doctor wants me to go on a regime of Revlimid, Dex and Cyclophoshimide, I was supposed to start last month and have avoided it so far, changed my diet, heaps of veges, flaxseed oil, no processed foods, hoping it will make a difference, I feel better anyway. Just tried curcumin mixed with flaxseed oil and then mixed it with water, seemed to take most of the taste away, I think it dissolved in the oil but obviously doesn’t mix with the water but the water keeps it away from the taste buds, I’ll keep experimenting, Cheers

  4. Looks like the cranky old laptop is working fine! Love hearing from you. I had a fairly good report from Mayo last week.

    Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL time! August is holidays in Europe, isn’t it? I wonder who minds the store.

  5. Hi, Margaret,
    I am an MGUS patient, and had chanced upon various pages of your blog several times during Google searches. Finally I decided I simply must read your blog in chronological order. I did so, leaving comments as I went. Some of them were posted, and because I was commenting at frequent intervals, some apparently went into a “possible SPAM” folder waiting for your review. Unfortunately I did this all while you were away, and your “Recent Comments” index no longer lists my postings. Rather than ask you to reread the entire history of your blog in order to find my comments, if you will send me an email, I wll respond with a listing of all dates of your blog to which I posted comments.

    Reading your blog has been fascinating. Now that I am up to the present, I will check each day for a new post of your web research discoveries and adventures.

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