Eat cloves and rosemary!

I got up really early this morning and didn’t want to wake everyone up by making any noise. So I read a couple of interesting Science Daily articles, including one about the health benefits of spices, titled “Spices May Protect Against Consequences Of High Blood Sugar.” I thought it would be of interest to some of you, so here is the link:


Another article ( informs us about a study on food compounds that kill acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, or ALL, cells. Of course, curcumin is among them. But also carnosol from rosemary.


Okay, I have to go now. We are getting ready to leave. Valle d’Aosta, here we come.




  1. Happy hols to you both

    I have just caught up with your blog and hope that your finger infection has resolved, Paul was right I did have a similar incident, I thought you and other readers may be interested in what happened. My infection was caused by a splinter, that was not visible and I didn’t realise I had done anything until my finger swelled, after intially trying all the regular interventions, I went to the Doctors, I had two weeks of broad spectrum antibiotics and it took 3 months to fully resolve itself, mainly because my doctor was too cautious and wasn’t completly convinced I had a splinter in there, he won’t break the skin and help it out. I used a rotation of diluted Hydrogen peroxide, salt water, Magnesium sulphate (left on over night as a pultice to draw) Turmeric as pultice(when I had opened the infected area) and finally after 2 months being left with a contained but raised sore area I knocked it whilst do some houshold chores and made it bleed, I again used a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide which bubbled away, sorrounding pus and finally i could see the splinter, I took matters into my own hands and squeezed and bubbled the area a bit more until I could grasp the splinter. I retrieved a splinter 1cm long that had not been visible and my doctor didn’t believe was there. I was currently taking another lot of antibiotics ( as the infection had caused the delicate balance of my immune system to go and had suffered pelvic and bladder infections in the previous weeks) I checked with my Doctor that they would cover me, if removing the splinter caused a new infection, fortunately I was ok. But Like you, It has made me take more precautions since.

    All the best I’m also off to Hols in Rhodes


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