Coconut milk and myeloma

An MMA list member (thank you!) recently posted the link to a Mayo news release on a compound in coconut milk called kinetin riboside that prevents the growth of myeloma cells. It actually kills them in large numbers:

Large numbers, huh?! Why, that’s jolly spiffing! (I love that expression, must be my British heritage…).


The full Mayo study ( is available for free online. I haven’t had the time to give it more than a cursory glance, but I read enough to add kinetin riboside to my “to-be-monitored” list.


Interestingly, when I first began taking curcumin, I mixed curcumin powder with warm, almost hot, coconut milk, following a suggestion I received from Steve of the Grouppe Kurosawa. At that time, who would have thought that I might also have been ingesting a certain amount of this myeloma-killing compound?


And that brings us to the question: how much coconut milk would we have to swallow in order to start killing off our myeloma cells? Well, the answer is probably quite a lot because, as the Mayo study tells us, even though kinetin riboside is present in the human food chain, it occurs at low concentrations. And the Mayo news release tells us that it is present in minute quantities in coconut milk. Still…


I have to do more research…


Well, this is another promising development in the quest for a non-toxic but effective treatment for myeloma and possibly other types of cancer.

My goal in life.


  1. Sorry, we haven’t used the phrase “jolly spiffing” since WW2 – it’s definitely “pre-groovy” terminology 🙂

  2. I consumed about 4 T. of coconut oil, not milk, per day for about a year about two years ago. Although the oil didn’t stop MM, it did give me boundless energy on the days I used it. I suspect that more kinetin riboside is present in the coconut milk than in the oil, since milk is being used in the study.


  3. Aajonus Vonderplanitz claims to have cured his multiple myeloma and several other diseases with a raw diet high in raw meats, raw butter, raw eggs, raw coconut, raw green juices, and “unheated” honey. Not sure I believe everything he says, but there are definitely foods that promote cancers, like PUFA oils, grains, and refined sugars.

    Here’s AV’s website and an interview where he discusses his beliefs.

    I’m a skeptic of AV and other gurus, hence my group AV-Skeptics.

  4. Dear Margaret,

    Please check this out. I saw that it was recommended that you take glutamine along with your coconut/curcumin protocal you tried in 2006. I hope you are not not still using it because it feeds myeloma like crazy! If someone has neuropathy pain from myeloma or chemo, or someone has had a stem cell transplant, glutamine has been recommended.

    Also, thank you for all your research.

    R.S. Roberts, H. W. Hsu, K. D. Lin and T. J. Yang. hormones, organic and inorganic compounds to …. Amino acid metabolism of myeloma cells MOPC-^iC/R in …

  5. Re: Post from Nicki, June 4, 2008
    Corrected sentence should read:
    I hope you are not still using it ….(just one not).



    SEEMS GOOD FOR MYELOMA: LpL hyperlipoproteinanemia
    plasma lipids — prevalent in myeloma patients.

    I have high LDL cholesterol– this all could be linked.

    Anyone else on this track ?????????/

  7. Dear Margaret,
    The topic talks about coconut milk and some reply on coconut oil. What is your opinion on young coconut water? Especially those tasty and sweet young coconut water ?

  8. Hey Margaret! Had a quick question. Do you know was the coconut milk like a store brand carton, or rather a pure coconut milk? Not sure if that exist haha.

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