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Since WordPress’s recent update, I have added a couple of new features to my blog. The one that I think will be the most useful is: “Recent Comments.” Useful for those, like yours truly, who like to read blog comments.


Frequently readers leave comments on “old” posts, sometimes asking questions that will probably go unanswered (I mean, who bothers reading old posts? When I visit other people’s blogs, I read only their new posts/reader comments). At any rate, the new feature solves that problem, at least in part, since it lists the five most recent reader comments on old and new posts alike.


This sounds a bit long-winded, now that I have reread it, but you will see what I mean if you just scroll down this page and look on the right-hand side of your screen. You will find “Recent Comments” right above my monthly Calendar, also a new addition that lists my posts day by day. 



  1. Bonjour Margaret

    I have tried to find the right spot to ask my question, but… I give up and do it here.
    I found your blog while looking for info on curcumin. I have breast cancer and it seems that curcumin is very good against that cancer too.
    Your website has been very useful to me and I must thank you for that.
    I wanted to order curcumin tablets and went on the websites you mentionned. Here is my question : are you aware that there is apparently a new type of curcumin called the BCM-95? It is sold on the tattvasherbs website. They say the bioavailability of curcumin this new product is even better than the curcumin+piperine, without the secondary effect of piperine. Do you know if somebody has tried it ? I am hesitating between the regular cucumin and this BCM-95 thing.
    thanks and ”longue vie” to you and your website!

  2. ok, ok, I look stupid replying too myself but…

    I just found out that you talked about the disapointing results of BCM-95 on April 4th.

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