Reviving the dead…

Life returns to normal, after a long and rather tiring weekend spent on a translation from English to Italian, which is not my forte, by the way (I do much better from Italian to English). Stefano helped me A LOT (what a guy! ). We finished at 11 p.m. last night. I think I noticed a few more white hairs than usual in the mirror this morning …but anyway, the main thing is that we did a good job and will be paid well. Indeed.
So I took the morning off…and went to the supermarket where I bought a TON of cat litter that should last for weeks (and we will be gone only ten days…) and then to the cat store where I spent a bucket of money on cat food.
Later on I am going to read at least one study, but for now I will report on a bit of quick and easy news that I read this morning in the “Times of India” ( Another discovery about the wonders of curcumin: Researchers at New Delhi’s Jamia Hamdard University have successfully used curcumin – extracted from turmeric and broken into nano form – to control and cure cirrhosis of liver in an animal model experiment. “Nano,” huh?  How “nano” were these nanoparticles, I wonder? Well, even though the jury is still out on the nano-stuff, in this case the nanocurcumin appears to have worked. Interesting.
And here is another interesting bit: It was found that when used in large doses, turmeric wasn’t particularly useful. But broken into nano particles, it worked wonders. It even reversed cirrhosis which is incurable,” said S Ahmad, vice-chancellor of Jamia Hamdard.
It reversed the…irreversible? Wowie! I imagine, by the way, that the researcher was referring to “curcumin,” not “turmeric.” Well, I suppose I will have to read the study at some point.
Then we read: The curcumin extract is an anti-oxidant that helps revive dead cells. It acts as a repairing agent and can regenerate cells that have broken up into nodules..
Helps revive dead cells, huh? Well, well…well!


  1. Whew! Another mission accomplished! Well done, my friend. I’m excited about your vacation! I so enjoyed hearing Paul “talk” about the weather and the unspoiled coastline, and even the walking boots! We learn so much more than health tips from your blog! All are appreciated! Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pictures; we want to see too! Be safe, Donna

  2. Nano again! Maybe it is like homeopathy where the cure is reduced to a really low dose but works better. That was a very simplified definition. Maybe it is god with stuff that is good for you and sucks with the rest! Have a great vacation!

  3. Margaret, hope you have a super time visiting our beautiful UK. the weather looks set to improve this weekend (I’m sure you will have checked this out!), so you have timed it right.
    I, meanwhile, am off this weekend to the south of France for a week but the weather doesnt look too promising there at the moment!
    Happy Holiday….

  4. Hello Margaret,
    I found your site and read most of your posts. You have very interesting stuff. Most of your material I am familiar with since I did lots of research on my own. My husband was diagnosed with MM stage IIIB (B= organ involvement, in his case: kidney failure) in April 2005. He also was diagnosed in January 2006 with Primary Amyloidosis, secondary to Myeloma. And all of this was in top of his heart problems (one bypass) and Type II Diabetes. For MM he was treated with Dexamethasone for 3 month and a stem cell transplant performed in Oct 2005. None of these treatments put him in remission. Not to look as a complete failure, doctor wrote down “partial remission”, but my husband’s overall health was terrible. We thought he is going to die any day during the transplant and after that. In fact, in January 2006, when again in hospital for more blood transfusions and more treatments for different infections, after seeing that his markers started to go up again he was declared terminal and received his death sentence from his team of doctors: “6 month or could be even less”. We came back from hospital and I researched everything possible. He started supplements but I continued reading more and more. I was lucky to find information about Dr. Budwig, ordered all her books and found also the yahoo group FlaxSeedOil2. This group is concerned with Dr. Budwig’s protocol for cancer, any cancer. Reading her books, I realized that the only hope for recovery is to give the body all it needs, and eliminate all the bad foods, drinks, supplements in form of chemicals (pills) and other environmental harmful things.
    We started implementing the protocol step by step, gave up all supplements and prescriptions, and the results were amazing. No death in 6 months and instead we had our Cancun vacation every year. In fact, at the end of March this year, we had another vacation in Vegas. We incorporate curcumin in our daily food, but only in food form (no pills at all and no mega doses) and also cayenne pepper, black pepper and lots of spices and herbal teas. These are part of the protocol as Dr. Budwig encouraged spices and herbs. Also, in our daily fresh home-made juice we include fresh garlic and ginger. They go through the juicing machine. I’ve read that fresh crashed garlic is more effective that cooked or sliced garlic in fighting cancer or other diseases. We learned a lot about the value and importance of good foods, herbs, spices and good drinks such wine, champagne and fresh home-made juices. We also learned about the importance of method of cooking in order to preserve nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. I would recommend Dr. Budwig’s books to anyone willing to recover from any disease, including any cancer, or to anyone just willing to adopt a healthy life style to prevent diseases. Her program consists only of good foods and drinks, no supplements in pills form of any kind. She explains in her books how processing any food will rip off the value of natural nutrients and transform the food into an inert matter, without life, thus, without benefiting the body cells. Being out in sun is also part of her program. What a joy!
    Please, consider reading her books, I bet you will appreciate everything you will learn. Her protocol is based on science and has the highest rate of curing cancer, over 90%.
    I hope you will consider joining the yahoo group as well: FlaxSeedOil2.
    I have my own site as well, it’s called: where I have lots of information about her protocol and her books.
    I have other information as well over there, you might want to check it out. The site is not complete, probably will never be since I add more information almost every day, but it has already enough information to keep someone interested in learning preoccupied for a good while.
    I will keep reading your posts and see where you are.
    I wish you and anyone who might read this the best and good health,
    Georgeta at
    email: (

  5. This is really good news about curcumin having a restorative power in liver problems, for me especially because my PET scan of last summer showed my liver to have some kind of inflammation going on, probably autoimmune (I don’t drink). I have been taking alpha-lipoic acid to try to heal it, but now I can hope that both the alpha-lipoic acid AND my low dose of curcumin will help!

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