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Sherlock and I went to the hospital lab for blood tests very early this morning. We have been testing EGCG (in association with the ever-present curcumin) for the past seven weeks or so. Test results in mid May.

I made several (vain) attempts to answer a few e-mails and continue reading a study that I am very interested in, but I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around anything that requires any amount of intellectual effort this afternoon. Well, after all, this morning quite a bit of blood was taken out of me. Hmmm, I wonder if some of my brain cells ended up in the test-tube, too…yawn… Anyway, I will have another look at the study tomorrow morning, as I begin quietly, so as not to freak out the cats, assembling the stuff we need to pack for our trip to the UK (we leave on Friday!).

In the meantime, here is the link to a rather interesting "Economist" article (thanks, Nat!), for those of us who are interested in stem cells: Myeloma is also mentioned…

Okay, enough, my brain is fried. I need a juice. More tomorrow! 


  1. Relax and get ready for your trip. Pretend you are putting your winter clothes away and fool those cats!

  2. I read your blog for quite a while, very impressive and encouraging for anyone with a cancer history!

    I am interested in your EGCG experience. I myself have an AML history (over one year in remission thanks god) and I too feel strongly about EGCG and Curcumin alongside parthenolide.

    There is some interesting stuff at Gr. Kurosawa about EGCG. Doctor Martin doesn’t like EGCG but he recently revised this, stating that EGCG can work great for hematologic diseases but not so well for tumors. The main reason I think was that our cancer cells have to constantly renew and turn over – they are thus very susceptible to NF-kappa inhibition and EGCG as a proteasome inhibitor does this outstandingly. At the same time proteasome inhibitors increase p53 – so with NFkappa down and p53 up, a proteasome inhibitor could do wonders against most soft tissue cancers. This is Doc Steves theory why EGCG could work so well against our types of cancer and to me this sounds very compelling.

    He even stated MM as an example: it’s the 1st cancer where they allowed a proteasome inhbitor (Velcade) to be used. EGCG is an extremely powerful proteasome inhibitor but it is not toxic.

    Doc Steve warns however not to use curcumin and EGCG together as curcumin in his belief depends on proteasome to work. I therefore take them in cycles. But I saw you had some literature stating they can work beneficial together…

    A big problem is bioavailiability with EGCG – you had this interesting finding to take supplements on empty stomach. What I do is to zip strong green tea and hold it in the mouth for long for uptake via the oral mucosa which I read leads to good plasma concentrations. When taking supplements, I read it’s best to take 2-3 together instead of spreading over the day to exceed the saturation level of the body breaking down the EGCG before it can reach the blood. I also once used DSMO gel with EGCG on the skin, according to GK the best way.

    Some food for thought about EGCG. Email me if you are interested in exchanging info about this in future.

    Have a good vacation!

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