Spring cleaning in heels

Busy busy. For one thing, my juicing schedule takes quite a chunk out of my day. I love my Greenstar juicer, but it requires some loving attention–after use, every single tiny part has to be scrubbed thoroughly, not to mention the time spent washing, peeling and cutting up the vegetables and fruit. But I feel so much better, so it’s worth it!

For another, I have slowly and not very happily begun the annual house spring cleaning. My cats are a huge help (not). And yes, this is a photo of yours truly…what, you don’t believe that I do my spring cleaning wearing lipstick, high heels and pearls? Hah! Well!

In my snippets of time, I am reading studies…and then more studies about the studies. I hope to post something of general interest tomorrow. In the meantime, please go have a look at Fanatic Cook’s posts on cantaloupes. I have a link to her fascinating blog here, just scroll down my Pages, it’s toward the bottom. You will be BLOWN AWAY. I will never ever look at a cantaloupe the same way again!

Oh okay, I’ll fess up: that’s not actually moi in the image…but hey, I couldn’t resist posting it. I mean, REALLY!!! Happy April Fools’ Day!


  1. Good one Margaret. I at first was thinking, now that Stefano is one lucky man, ok so I have been fooled twice today:)

    Got my son this weekend. My birthday is the 29th of December, my GF asked him what he got me for my birthday. He replied “nothing, he’s got me. We all got a laugh out of that since he is only 6 at the time. So I wait till his comes around, we go over to his mothers and he runs up and gives a me a big hug. Looks up at me and asked what I had gotten him for his birthday, my reply was “nothing, you got me. The place got quite until they heard the whole story. One older gentleman there said, we missed a great picture of David when I said that. Of course I did get him something, but he had to wait till we got home.

    He also won student of the month … proud dad here 😉

    I had to do cleaning for when my mother arrived from Arizona. I really need to, since I was lazy for a few months.

    Hope all is well, we need more pictures of the cats.


  2. Hey!

    JimO – I think (am sure actually) that Stefano IS a lucky guy…

    Yes, Margaret I agree and know very well about juicing and cleaning and all that time spent there!! Ufffff! And I DON’T have half as good juicer as Greenstar!

    And preparing the vegetable – in Livingston diet for cancer (after dr. Virgina Livingston) pealing is prohibited. Vegetable should just be washed thoroughly or eventually brushed when needed. Apparently that’s to avoid the inorganic steel (from a knife) in juice…

    Maybe just a tip…

    Enjoy the spring!


  3. This is so true: “… not to mention the time spent washing, peeling and cutting up the vegetables and fruit.”

    It reminds me of recipes in magazines…
    You read a recipe and they say, “Cooking Time: 20 minutes”. Sometimes, if they want to sound realistic, they say, “Prep time: 10 minutes” (!) … for a total elapsed time of 30 minutes.

    30 minutes to make Risotto with Scallops, Pancetta, and Spinach
    30 minutes to make Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes and Thyme, served over Curried Brown Rice with Sautéed Garlicky Collard Greens

    30 minutes. Oh my. No way.

  4. Stephano is one lucky guy!

    We are lucky to have you, too!!

    I think we will keep eating walnuts.

    Your April Fool post probably trumps our 8 inches of snow (for real!)

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