Rob Scheider, best (?) known for his role as police chief in “Jaws,” died of complications from a staph infection on Sunday. He had multiple myeloma. You can read the NY Times story here:

I heard about his death on the one o’clock Italian news yesterday. The story provided no details, except that he had died after a “long illness.” To be exact, the translation from Italian would be “he disappeared after a long illness” (è scomparso dopo una lunga malattia). Disappeared. Long illness.

I admit, euphemisms bother me now. I hope I don’t sound morbid (!), but now, if I am told or hear that someone has cancer, I want to know what type of cancer it is. Etc. I am no longer scared of discussing cancer and death. Before my diagnosis, though, I most certainly avoided the subject.

If you ignore it, it won’t touch you, right?

Wrong. Funny how things change. After.


  1. I was so hoping you and your mother would not notice the mm thing with Roy! You are choosing a different route! Keep chowing down those curc balls! Winnah

  2. Yes. In Italy the media always say something like ‘died after a long illness’, which means ‘had cancer’. A long illness – instead of short – could also be good. I agree. I want to know which type of cancer and when started. In case of death by car accident the media will show a video with the broken cars. In case of cancer they don’t even say the word cancer.
    Margaret, how would you translate ‘morbid’ and ‘morbidity’ in Italian?


  3. I would like to discuss curcumin with you if at all possible. I found your blog after find curcumin on MD Andersons site.

    I have started curcumin along with vitamin C. I am not sure about chemo yet, but should know by next week.

  4. When I asked my Mom is she saw the story on the news, she responded that she did, but she and my brother thought they should not mention it to me. Keep Shelley’s head in the sand! (more like keep their heads in the sand.)

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