Cats and beer…

We spent the morning in the front and back gardens (we live in a row house) preparing for spring: pruning, weeding, cutting, raking leaves…we are sooooo exhausted right now. It’s on days like these that I wish we didn’t have a garden at all. Ouch, my back hurts! But then I look fondly at my pruned raspberry patch, my pomegranate tree, my herbs and all the flowers, mainly daffodils and crocuses, that are popping up everywhere, and change my mind. It really is pretty.

Anyway, I thought I would post these photos I took of Peekaboo last night at the dinner table. Or rather, on the dinner table!

Dinner is always a bit of a struggle, especially with this curious little one. She likes to jump up on the table and watch us while we eat. Theoretically, that would be okay (we have a very big country dining table), but she begins edging very close to the food, the way cats do, inch by inch, as if they didn’t care…then all of a sudden her nose is in your plate, or she is dipping one of her paws into your glass of water. She’s a pest, but such an adorable one…


And wouldn’t this have made a great beer ad?

(P.S. In case you were wondering, I don’t drink beer, but Stefano likes a glass with dinner, sometimes).


  1. How cute. Our two cats, now deceased, used to enjoy seeing what was for dinner besides cat food, too. Cats are such curious, adorable creatures.There’s never a dull moment when a cat’s in the house.

  2. Spring? It was minus 13 degrees this morning, with a wind chill factor of minus 39. That’s minus 25 and minus 39 Celsius in your terms. We are REALLY looking forward to spring 🙂

    A pomegranate tree must be a wonderful treat at the right time of year.

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