A couple of days ago a blog reader privately suggested that I create a permanent page listing all the personal stories that have been published on my blog and the ones that may get posted (in the comment section only) in the future. This will ensure that they won’t get "lost." It’s true, I have more than 250 posts now, so yes, blog readers’ stories will eventually be impossible to find again, even for me! So this is a brilliant idea, thank you!

Below I list only the three stories published in the comment section of my January 27 post, but there are a few "older" stories listed on the permanent page (right-hand side of my homepage). Yesterday, in fact, I took off some time to go through some of the older post comments searching for personal stories (I will post only the ones that have been published on my blog; I will NOT publish any personal exchanges, of course, no worries), but I may have missed someone, so please remind me if you don’t see your story posted here. I have taken the liberty of editing out the parts that I thought less important, but feel free to scold me if I took out too much. 

And by the way, I will be happy to post any stories concerning supplement-taking and dietary changes, so please don’t hesitate to send me the details. Now and in the future. And you can also send me updates as your story progresses. They don’t have to be success stories, necessarily, of course.

The following is not paraphrased, but is in your (blog readers) own words.

January 25 2008 post. Sherlock’s story: "I’ll just say how I took my curcumin capsules (8 gr./d). I took them all together (I follow a personal theory of the ‘atomic bomb’), late in the afternoon or late at night. I’ve not been very regular in the way I took them because I work out of town and sometimes is really difficolt for me to get hot milk and melt there 16 capsules of curcumin. So I used different systems, according to the situation:

– capsules melted into hot milk
– capsules taken drinking hot milk
– capsules taken drinking cold milk (not so often)
– capsules taken with just water

sometimes my stomach was empty, somethimes was full.
When I melted the capsules into hot milk I added either some olive oil, or some butter or some chocolate. Most of the time I did not add anything. My protocol also included 1.5 gr of quercetin and 1 gr. of fish oil every day. That’s all. I’m very happy that curcumin worked even if I changed the method of assumption according to my daily schedule. I think the most important thing has been to take all the 8 gr. together. My body knew that once a day a big dose of curcumin was going to cause apoptosis where it was needed."

JHope (she has been taking curcumin for more than two years, as I recall): "I have been taken curcumin – approximately 10 grams/day in podwer form (with bioperine) dissolved in hot milk. I also add fish oil (lemon flavor). I have been doing this for 2 years. My IgA marker has improved to the point that last test in December it was only 63 points above normal. This week I went to see a multiple myeloma specialist and shared with him what I was doing and he said to continue taking it that he has another patient that is doing the same and his numbers have improved tremendously. He also suggested to drink green tea.

Earl: "I have comments that could be helpful to others. My wife passed away 10 years ago due to MM. Five years ago I got a “pre-cancerous” prostate called high grade PIN. The doctor said there is nothing you can do except watch it……..I said, ” I think not.” I came up with a plan after checkng the internet extensively. I was able to REVERSE the pre-cancerous cells; as of August 13, 2008, they became non-existent. It was the last of three biopsies. Big picture: I went to an ALL organic diet; got a vita mix and drank approx 48 ounces a day of vegetables (Kale, broccli, red cabbage,parsley,carrots, and apples)…it tasted awful but I didn’t care. Also took “ground” flaxseed, cod liver oil, Aloe Vera, Vit c, N acyetal cysteine (NAC), Saw Polmento, Zinc, and selenium. Walked 45 minutes every day, lost 25 lbs and never regained the weight, stopped smoking and drinking. I stopped eating red meat and went to free range chicken and wild catch fish. BIG PICTURE: I placed all good things in my body and kept out the bad. The doctor reluctantly said I have changed the cell structure back to normal again. I have added curcumin the last 2 months: result, my triglycerides went down to 71 and my CRP, C-reactive protein is .2 The inflammation in my system is about 0…..a very good indicator of no cancer. If this article helps someone I will be happy. I too watched test results for 12 years and know the fear and excitement with bad and good results. I was VERY disciplined…..I realize that. But I made a choice to live and it worked. Sincerely Earl"


  1. Kudos to your blog reader for such a wonderful idea!!! For those of us who forward links to these stories to friends whose family members or friends have cancer, this permanent page will be an enormous help. Thank you, blog reader! Thank you, Margaret!


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