Myeloma stem cell presentation

Today I had some work to do, then I read a few studies and began writing a rather complicated post. It’s a good thing my youngest kitty, Peekaboo (see photo) jumped on my desk to remind me to take a look at the clock.  How did it get to be almost dinnertime?

Okay, I am in a bit of a rush now (it’s time to take my curcumin!), but before signing off for the day, I wanted to post the link to an interesting presentation on myeloma stem cells done  by a myeloma list member (who is both a doctor and a myeloma patient) for the North Texas myeloma support group: Very informative. He gives a bit of history, too, for instance that it was a woman who first discovered myeloma stem cells. Yeah!

This presentation also made me aware of telomerase activators, such as astragalus. Not a good thing for a myeloma patient to take, it would seem. Anyway, please go have a look. Well done!

I am beginning to fret: my test results will be ready on Thursday. Tomorrow is going to be a long day…


  1. Oh precious precious Kitty! How dear!
    Yea for women’s discoveries (and their research).

    Wishing you good moments to help the hours go by until test results.

  2. Excellent presentation Margaret! Easy to follow and understand. There’s hope for a cure out there! It can be done. Best wishes for another good report on Thursday!

  3. I was very uplifted when I read this post, and especially the excellent series of slides by Dr. Padron presented at the link given. The new understanding of the relationship between normal and stem myeloma cancer cells certainly should open up new findings that will bring everyone closer to a real cure. Some things already known that can kill cancer stem cells point to new directions to follow. Curcumin is only the beginning, and Margaret will lead us along the way to the ultimate answers that everyone prays for. Your posts get more exciting by the week Margaret.

  4. Excellent post, Margaret. And, many thanks to Nick for his clear explanation of mm stem cells and their possible eradication. Even Peekaboo seems to be in awe of this hopeful research.

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