MD Anderson curcumin-myeloma clinical trial: link to abstract

I just had a quick look and found the abstract to the clinical trial, so I thought I would post it immediately:

I went to work today, then spent the afternoon working on one of my more complicated posts, which will be ready tomorrow (?).

As my boy Piccolo suggests in this photo, take it easy! Here he’s lying on Stefano’s pillow, by the way. 


  1. Hi Margaret! I just read something very interesting in this month’s AARP Bulletin. An article about a study published in Nov.’s American Jourmal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that B12 and folic acid helps fend off Alzheimers…… Myrtle McCulloch, clinical assistant professor of Nutrition an Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, recommends “sublingual B12 supplements, which dissolve under the tongue for better absorption”….Sound familliar?……Methinks you are on to something!..:-)…..Good job, Margaret. I think I will order curcumin powder and try to get Bob to use it the same way you are……Keep in touch and please let those of us who are curcumin advocates know the results of your experiment with using curcumin under the tongue…….Thanks again, for all you do!…….Val

  2. Hi Margaret

    Thanks for the link, just logged in to get a boost to my inspiration, it’s been lagging a bit since Christmas. It’s great to have a connection (albeit distant) with others in the same battle. Anyway back on the road to health, helping at a Scout camp at the weekend!! (hope the rain stops) I must be mad!! but I enjoy it and get to spend play time with my ten year old (take it while you can I say, they grow up so quickly)

    Best wishes to you all


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