Beware of chocolate chip cookies!

I just read an amusing Science Daily article and decided to post the link. I am currently working on a couple of different, and very complex!, topics right now (not ready yet), so I needed a breath of fresh air. Science Daily provided just that! The article, titled "Aroma Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Prompts Splurging On Expensive Sweaters," can be read here:

An excerpt: "Exposure to something that whets the appetite, such as a picture of a mouthwatering dessert, can make a person more impulsive with unrelated purchases, finds a study from the February 2008 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research. For example, the researchers reveal in one experiment that the aroma of chocolate chip cookies can prompt women on a tight budget to splurge on a new item of clothing."

Hah, that explains a lot! So, from now on, if you enter an expensive clothing shop just to have a quick look around and smell the aroma of chocolate anything, exit immediately and run in the opposite direction!


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