Flying Squirrel, I mean, CAT!

Last night I stuck the Xmas wand toy (that has a suction cap on one end and a dangling toy on the other) to our bedroom closet, and, as expected, Peekaboo put on quite a show, flying through the air, over and over again. I finally put the toy away so she wouldn’t die of exhaustion, but not before I had taken some very amusing photos.

I really should get a videocamera for these occasions! Photos give but a vague idea of how funny this kitten really is! But this particular jump, caught in the photo, gave me a belly laugh that lasted at least one minute, the kind that gives you a stomach pain. Too funny! So even though I am working on a post of a rather more serious nature this morning, I thought I would post this photo for everyone’s enjoyment.

If you have never seen documentaries on flying squirrels, have a look at a great photo on the Encyclopaedia Britannica website: I wasn’t sure about copyright issues so I didn’t publish it here, but this link will take you right to the photo, which is almost identical to this one, I’d say. Impressive, no? Peekaboo, the flying squirrel/cat!

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  1. Videocamera to tape Peekabo’s talents? Why not try your digital camera? I was shown how to use mine over the holidays to do just that and it works great (I have a Fuji F10). You can only do 10 seconds or so at a time.

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