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We had errands to run today so I didn’t have much time to do research. But I did want to write a quick post to let you all know that sometimes the very efficient anti-spam program here at Healthblogs blocks some of your comments, which are put into a special moderation "box." I then approve or delete the messages. Today, for instance, I had two such messages. I deleted one, which was clearly spam (nasty stuff!). The other was a blog reader’s comment, which of course I approved. So, if your comments don’t appear immediately on my blog, it could be because they were, for some reason, put into the moderation box. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. But, to be honest, I would much rather have an overzealous anti-spam program than have to deal with already-published whacky (or worse!) spam comments on my posts. There is so much garbage out there on the Internet! Bleah. Anyway, enough said.  

This is a photo I took of Peekaboo on New Year’s Eve. She’d been playing for hours…and finally crashed on the couch. Such a party gal!

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