Xmas Burraco…

This photo will give you an idea of what I have been doing during these holidays, in addition to strolling around downtown Florence and eating eating and…more eating! It’s been a busy but restful holiday. Day before yesterday, Stefano’s aunt and uncle drove up from southern Italy to celebrate the New Year with us, and brought a TON of food. So we haven’t really had to cook at all, which has been fabulous.

Getting back to my photo, though: this card game is called "burraco," which has in recent years become all the rage in Italy. (Note: I have been playing it for years, that is, way before it became so popular.) There are burraco clubs that organize charity tournaments and even serious competitions. There is even an Italian Burraco Federation (see: http://www.fibur.it/ if you don’t believe me ) with rules and regulations and a statute. So hey, this is serious stuff. 

I usually get together with three close girlfriends to play burraco, which is best played with two couples. As with any other game, it’s fun if you play with people who are NOT set on winning and get upset when they lose. Otherwise, forget it. Playing with competitive folks is NO fun! Although, okay, I admit that I do like winning…

Last but not least, in case I don’t manage to finish the research today for a post I am writing, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. :))) It’s so funny to see how my brazilian family inherited, through my italian grandmother, many habits so comon in Italy, from food to games 🙂

    My family used to play “buraco” (in Brazil, with just on “r”) for so many years !!!


  2. By the way, I never understood the game’s name. “Buraco”, in portuguese, means a big “hole”, that of course, if I remember well, has nothing to do with the game itself. Is it the same in Italian?


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