Server Updating

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to reassure those of you who thought (and wrote to me that…) my blog was gone forever! It’s not, it’s not! Though, I must admit that when, first thing this morning, I went to my homepage and noticed that I had “lost” my last few posts, I flipped out for a second or two. But I have been reassured by the fabulous Healthblogs manager that it will all return to normal, photos included. You see, the server is in the process of being updated, so a few glitches are bound to occur. My “old” blog should be reinstated within a few hours or days or centuries or whatever. No worries! Nothing has been lost, including all the wonderful comments that you left me on my most recent test result post. Thank you so very much for those! Anyway, I will keep doing my research and post about it as soon as things return to normal. Now I will try to post this petit message…and see what happens! Poof! 😉


  1. Margaret, would you be able to put back your last two posts and comments and not hate us too much? I can take care of the login link that used to be there. I’ll do that now.

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