Washing Dishes

A major event occurred yesterday: our dishwasher broke. The technician, funny guy, told us that there was no point in attempting to resuscitate it. He actually called it a corpse. The new dishwasher arrives on Monday. Until then, the corpse will sit in our kitchen mocking us while we (I, most likely) wash dishes by hand. And tomorrow a couple of Stefano’s colleagues are coming over for dinner, is this typical or what? We planned this dinner last week when we had a fully functional machine. The joke’s on us.

How did we ever manage before the dishwasher era? Sometimes I wonder. Yet my family never owned one; we always washed dishes by hand. I never had a dishwasher when I lived alone, either. And it was only after several months of living together that Stefano finally suggested we buy a dishwasher. A DISH-WASH-ER???, I replied, somewhat disdainfully, what would we EVER want with something like THAT?

Eight years later I can barely live without one. I feel lost.

So I have chosen to do nothing much this afternoon. No research, no housework well, except I need to HAND wash the dishes that have piled up since yesterday sigh! 😉

My test results haven’t arrived yet. Next week, probably. I don’t have high hopes for them, to be honest, since I took them during a rather stressful period, when my teaching job had barely begun (stress stress stress!), plus I remember feeling tired all the time. I hope to be proved wrong, of course!

One last note in answer to a couple of questions. I haven’t tried BioCurcumax (which is the same as the Super Bio-Curcumin sold by LEF) yet, so I don’t have an opinion on it. The idea of mixing curcumin with the essential oil of turmeric, though, is a splendid one. That’s all I can say about it right now. Sorry, it’s not much!


  1. How long did your dishwasher live? I was told by a technician that most of these things are ‘programmed’ to live no more than 5-7 years. In this way we can buy newer ones in due time 😉
    On the other hand, my mother’s washing machine lasted about 20 years and the fridge is the same since at least 25.
    It’s progress baby. By the way, are you staying with the same brand or changing?


  2. A few comments that were gobbled up by Mr. Server:

    1. Good morning Margaret, You have luck like mine…company coming and a broken dishwasher! My sympathies to you and Stefano! I would like an opinion when you have the time. I’ve only recently begun breaking open my curcumin capsules and dissolving it in warm cream…a messy undertaking! Maybe I’m doing it wrong, any suggestions on how to break open a capsule without the mess? This morning I decided to throw in the entire capsule (veggie cap and all) into the warm, not hot, cream! Everything dissolved! Can you or any of your readers think of any reason why this is not such a good idea? I don’t want to waste time or curcumin by doing something wrong! By the way, I used a straw to drink it so as not to stain my teeth! I’m so vain! : ) I don’t know that curcumin stains our teeth but it stains everything else! As always, I appreciate your opinion! Thanks, Donna

    2. Hi Donna, I’ve started taking curcumin a month and half ago. What I do is to put the curcumin capsules in a cup and add warm milk and some fat (oil drops or butter or cream or chocolate). Everything dissolves and I drink it. In the end I clean the cup with some cold milk. I take curcumin once a day (8gr) together with 2 capsules of quercetin and 2 of fish oil. These 4 capsules are taken apart and not dissolved with the curcumin. I tried to dissolve the quercetin with the curcumin milk but it didn’t taste good. That’s it. I believe it’s a good method and hope that my next blood test will prove it. Have a nice day. Ana

    3. Thanks Anna! I’m glad I’m not the only one to dissolve curcumin, capsule and all, in warm milk or cream. I didn’t see the harm since it dissolves in our stomachs anyway, but one never knows. I’m still new at this process and I’d rather be safe than sorry! : ) It sounds as though we’re basically taking the same things in the same amounts except that I divide my dosage into 4 parts in hopes of having curcumin in my system around the clock. Thanks for your response. I hope you receive the best test results ever! Donna

    4. Hi Donna, I prefer to give one very strong shot to my MM cells. It’s what I call the atomic bomb theory 😉 I believe it’s better to deliver an atomic bomb once a day than to throw stones several times during the day. This because the body absorbs so little of the curcumin we introduce. But I may be wrong, of course. ciao, Anna

    5. Hi both of you, I thought I would add my 2 cents. I don’t have enough knowledge (yet!) to be able to advise what the best way is to take curcumin, but I tend to agree with Anna. I now take my curcumin drink in one big 8-gram dose (with 2 grams of quercetin) right before bedtime when, so I have read, our active enzymes may begin to relax and slow down, and may tend not to attack curcumin as they do during the day. Circadian rhythms! I may be completely wrong, of course. When I started the curcumin protocol, I took curcumin powder mixed with hot coconut milk once a day. After 8 weeks, my IgG count had dropped almost 20%. It was much later that I began dividing my curcumin intake into two doses, but, upon reflection, the one big dose seems to work better for me, also because on days when I go to work I cannot take it in two doses anyway, and I think consistency is important. THat’s not to say that two doses don’t work. I haven’t reached a conclusion about it, that’s all. Interesting topic, thanks! May we ALL get the best results ever! 🙂 Margaret

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