Well, so much for doing research or much of anything else today. Yesterday after work I went to get vaccinated against the flu, and by early evening I had developed a terrific headache. Then I became nauseous…and will let you imagine the rest. Mamma mia! Suffice it to say that I still felt icky enough to call my doctor this morning, thinking that I could have had a reaction to the vaccine, but he told me it sounded more like a viral thingie that is going around Florence and should last no more than 24 hours. Oh well, no biggie, then. I might have picked up this bug at Careggi hospital on Monday. Or perhaps even before then…drat, I hope it won’t interfere with my test results.

Anyway, even though by now (midday) I do feel better, I am going to stay in bed and watch movies and documentaries until Stefano gets home from work. Speaking of staying in bed, this morning three of my nursing cats were lying on me: Piccolo (all eight kilos of him!) on my chest, with his paws wrapped around my neck, purring loudly and batting his eyes reassuringly at me; little Peekaboo just behind him, purring on my abdomen, and Priscilla asleep on my legs. Now that would have been a great photo! But of course there was nobody here to take it.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be fine. This is just a little bug.


  1. Hi Margaret

    just read your Curcumin protocol, I already take a curcumin supplement but not in those amounts, I take 3x400mg New chapter Turmericforce a day. Do you take a supplement or just the raw powder conidment?
    I am stable according to the doctors definition, however my levels have climbed since my initial Thalidamide treatment in 2004 from IgA of 9 very slowly back to original 23.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated


  2. Just out of curiosity did you get a live attenuated or the inactivated influenza vaccine? My oncologist told me to not get a live vaccination. There is lots of good intrigue and bizarre controversy theory about vaccinations akin to “who really killed JFK anyways” 🙂 Of course there is a well documented list of side effects, most of which are extremely rare. You are a rare gem you know? May your rest be thorough and you wake feeling wonderful.

  3. Thanks so much Margaret for the info you submit. It is very helpful. I know so little about alternative treatment, but I am trying to learn more, as conventional meds have so many side affects. Was checked by my Onc Tuesday and he says I am stable and that he is encouraged, but my counts are too high and I cannot seem to get my hgb up to normal. It is 10.5. Hope you are feeling much better today. Nellie

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