Long Day At Work

 Peekaboo mid November 2007Peekaboo mid November 2007Peekaboo mid November 2007Peekaboo mid November 2007Long day at work today, so I am pooped. Too pooped to be of any use whatsoever to the blog. Tomorrow I WILL finish and post at least one of my research pieces, though.

Thanks for the surgical mask suggestions. I don’t like to call attention to myself in public, but I might try that as an experiment IF my friend Ana wears one, too (se va bene a te, va bene pure a me!).


  1. …back to report on my ‘curcandy’ experiment. Well, that didn’t really work, I mixed it and cooked it over very low heat, sometimes in the double boiler, then over flame to try and get that dang oil to attach to the curcumin and not effect my candy set-up (think making old fashioned fudge). When my candy thermometer read ok, I went to work and it didn’t set up…oil just doesn’t solidify, no matter how cold it is outside or how much you beat it 🙂 duh… So, I placed it on a flat surface as thin as possible thinking maybe it would get a little harder and we could crack it. It sorta did. Now it’s in the frig in little bowls, of which he can scoop out a piece and suck for a quick treat. He says the flavor is fantastic though!! Yeah me! I guess that made it’s all worth while afterall. The other experiment works fine, however, some complications with ones hotter than others and ones that aren’t completely mixed with the shea, so it just comes back out in little clumps and floats in the water…GO FIGURE!! I don’t like seeing curcumin just hanging out on top of water, waiting to get flushed. It feels like burning money (or REALLY flushing it down the drain…). Our next experiment is lollypops…get my curcandy to be a bit more cooperative and cling to a stick. I’ll keep you posted and let you know upon success. The inside of the dishwasher is now permanently yellow…how nice!

    what a sweet kitten…. Cheers, Lu

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