Curcumin for Cats

Today I have been again immersed in the CD-40 natural antagonist literature, but the post is still not ready. So, in the meantime, I have decided to post a couple of items on another topic that I am very interested in (for two obvious reasons!): cats and curcumin.

A blog reader who unfortunately has an ailing cat sent me a private message earlier today asking if I had ever heard of curcumin being given to animals. Well, it just so happens that I have. Another blog reader, Vince, treated his cat, diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a blood disorder, with curcumin. She is alive and well today. You can read Bella’s amazing story here:

I would have no hesitation in giving curcumin to one of my cats in case of need. But how much curcumin? Well, my blog reader sent me a file about a kitty called Bud who was given curcumin to treat FIV (feline AIDS). The website is: (updated in Jan 2012). The information on curcumin dosage is as follows:

“Because it stimulates bile flow, contraindicated if there is bile duct blockage or gall stones. Should be taken with food. to minimize irritation. One source places a therapeutic feline dose of curcumin at 50-100mg daily and cites 100mg/kg as a benchmark ulcerogenic dose in ‘animals.’ (Human dosage: 2000mg curcumin, 20mg piperine, divided three times daily; Bud’s Dosage: 225mg curcumin, 6mg piperine, divided three times daily between meals; second round, 200mg with piperine and 50 GDU bromelain, divided twice daily with meals.).”

My concern: six mg of piperine sounds like a lot for such a small dosage of curcumin. I wouldn’t give my cat that much. Indeed, I might even skip the piperine and try something else (some sort of fat that my kitty would find palatable).

I also found the following, which confirms the 50-100 mg/kg dosage: “At very high doses (100 mg/kg body weight), curcumin may be ulcerogenic in animals, as evidenced by one rat study. […] Feline dosages are in the range of 50-100 mg daily of curcumin and approximately one-quarter teaspoon daily if using whole turmeric.” (see:

I will look into this matter more closely once I emerge from the world of molecular science.


  1. I too will try turmeric for my cat’ Tora’ who has FeLV and the beginnings of lymphoma, he is currently on a mushroom blend that seems to be helping too, he has stomatitis too, so will only give 1/4 teaspoon a day and half of that at first, will let you know if it helps him 🙂 Thanks for the dosage information. I also take turmeric daily and feel better for it 🙂

    1. My cat has stomatitis but if she gets a flare up, it hardly lasts at all anymore and goes away on it’s own with colostrum, now instead of the dreaded cortisone shots or tooth pulling. I give her bovine colostrum everyday. She eats it dry and loves it. It is cheapest from a feed store. My whole family takes it and all of my other 4 pets. I could tell you story after story but to put it short there is nothing, NOTHING like it. It has a component to it called lactoferrin also can be purchased separately from a good healthstore or online. It helps to kill the virus and other things. I think it is best to take the whole form in the form of colostrum though. There are other wonderful componentsl that help to kill virus, fungi and unwanted bacteria that help to modulate the immune system whether over or under active.. Transfer Factor is a product from the colostrum also which is amazing, but anyone can afford a bag of colostrum from a feed store. JUst as good as from a health store. My opinion. It has helped me miraculously! All the best to you and yours. Theresa

      1. my little Marley cat has stomatitis – they tell me they may have to take his teeth ! 🙁 I have switched him to raw food – seemed to help but can you let me now about this bovine colostrum i cant stand to see my boy suffer and i hate to give him Vet Meds (have had cats with reactions )

        1. I was able to get my girl into remission with raw diet and professional grade Colostrum (higher strength than over the counter/health food stores). That is also including enzymes and copious amounts of good quality pro-biotics. Remission now going on 8 years.
          Diagnosed FeLV with stomatitus. All teeth removed by age 4. Today we are managing CKD =(

      2. #Theresa: I will go to local feed store rather than health store to purchase colostrum for Baby Duke who has stomatitis. Thank you for information concerning colostrum and Transfer Factor as I believe this is what he needs to help his compromised immunity. Also thank you because am certain with my total 13 cats this info. will help me better budget critter’s needs.

  2. Our cat Miles (Chronic Pancreatitis w/secondary Diabetes) take’s 1/4 the human dosage (according to a vet site) because Cats metabolize faster than humans.
    We both just started and I have to give him his orally, mixed with water and syringed into his mouth as he hates it in his food. We are both on week 2, and his blood sugar levels were over 600 and are now bouncing between 400 to 600. He’s our Vets first patient on Tumeric w/curcumin, so he’s very interested in how it works. So far, he’s become more active and for the first time in 3 months, can go outside without fear of him collapsing. Will keep you posted on and side effects (none so far) and benefits.
    Thank you once again Margaret for the link here!

    1. Any new update on this . I could use any info .i. struggling with a barn full of issues …. w
      Of cats stomatitis. Thousands spent and still not gaining .. ground . Every day seems lime another case or flare up .

  3. Hello
    We have a cat that we need to get some Turmeric into, we have tried it in some food he normally has from a foil pouch but he is SMART !!! arnt they all!
    He knew there was something in the food only a very small amount but would not touch it.
    Tried it with a small ball of chese surrounding the Turmeric same result.
    Has anyone got a way of getting this Turmeric into there belovid cats???
    We are strugling to find any way to do this …..
    Please has anyone had any luck in getting there cats to take the Turmeric, PLEASE let us know how you did it.

    THANKS, Peter, Lincolnshire, England.

    1. I give my cats daily turmeric by syringe into the mouth. I take wet food and a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric,and dandelion, probiotics and blend it with a blender adding some water to make it smooth like icing to be taken up by a syringe. I do this daily to all my cats works great and keeps them healthy in their old age .
      hope this helps

    2. I have purchased online from Walmart a twin pack of Turmeric Curcumin – 180 gelcaps (500 mg ) – very inexpensive, plus purchased piperine gelcaps (10 mg). Then on eBay I was able to pick up empty gelcaps very inexpensive as well. Following Margaret’s dosing pretty closely but bumping up dosage slightly so as to not depress kitty with constant medicating throughout the day, we only medicate mornings with both powdered ingredients combined in one gelcap. Also purchased a large container of powdered L-lysine since and fill empty gelcap. Kitty was diagnosed last July 7, 2015 with lymphoma and had marble-size tumor between her eyes plus one morning woke up and she was bleeding from both eyes and nostrils. Vet said surgery plus chemo/radiation were recommended but chose not to go that route which to me sounded way too harsh for an 11-year-old kitty. Today kitty is still on mentioned combination and willingly takes the gelcaps since they seem to slide right down when head is tipped back and throat is massaged while administering. She appears to be completely well and has been eating well plus gaining a bit of weight now for past few months.That said am grateful for natural alternative treatment but still l am afraid to take her off at present time for fear she may relapse. You never know what method of administering may work since just like humans they are all so individual but just keep trying whatever you think may work for you and your pet and eventually they will “let you know” what they will tolerate. Best Wishes !!

      1. Hi Holly,
        Can you give us an update on your cat? My beloved Kiwi-3 (7 years old) was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma, with a mass between her eyes (that was in May ’17 — it’s now June ’17 and the mass is so large it’s closing her left eye off). I can’t afford radiation or chemo, but could afford predisone, so my vet put her on it immediately and it’s slowed the mass’ growth, but not stopped it. The eye infiltration only started a few days ago (and is heartbreaking to see). I just started administering cucumin today after reading some of the anecdotal evidence of it’s effects on lymphoma online (including your story). I may be too late, but need to try. So my biggest question — did the marble sized tumor go away? And why the L-lysine? What does that do? (if Margaret sees this and can answer, I’d be grateful). Thank you Holly!

        1. So very sorry to learn of your sweetness developing lymphoma. I currently have 12 bundles of fur sweetness and must conserve as well as possible if including couple of outdoor ferals are to be well-cared for. “Mama Smokey”, now approx. 15 will never be taken off posted health regimine for fear she might relapse and couple times she’s caught a cold from other cats I upped dosage of turmeric/curcumin until she recovered. That said, my “Mama Smokey” is and has been in total “remission” from lymphoma for near 2-years now. So GRATEFUL, my already posted details have cured her. The once marble-sized tumor between her eyes/on bridge of nose was literally liquified and “sneezed” out over a period of approx. 6-8 weeks. All bleeding and inflammation stopped/disappeared. Coughing and wheezing took awhile longer to heal and then one day she was totally well. None of initial serious signs and symptoms of lymphoma have reappeared but again being concerned with compromised immune system whenever necessary due to cold, flu, whatever issue, I will up her turmeric dose and in no time she totally recovers. This is miracle worker without the horrible side effects associated with chemo/radiation. I would not give any of my critters Prednisone but rather use all natural alternatives. If it is to tie you over until you come up with a natural plan for treatment I understand, however. The L-lysine can combat the herpes virus which can lead to lymphoma in cats if left untreated. Smokey was a stray and pregnant when I brought her in. When Vet diagnosed her with lymphoma she mentioned the virus likely left untreatedmay have lead to her cancerous condition. I did have her completely immunized once her kittens were weaned without evening supposing she may have been exposed to herpes virus. She didn’t display any signs of serious illness until she was around 13-years-old. Her 2 boys thank goodness have never shown signs of the virus and they’re now 13 1/2. Treat you kitty with turmeric for sure and best to you and yours’.

          1. FeLV is the feline virus which if left untreated may easily lead to lymphoma or other serious health issues. It is not my formerly stated herpes virus. Sorry, my bad. At any rate, I personally have read any untreated or otherwise virus which may compromise immune system is apt to lead to bigger health issues down the road… kind of a no-brainer and possibly including but not exempt to lymphoma. Anyone any personal experience/s on this note as I have a couple of male cats from Smokey’s litter I’m carefully monitoring now they’re getting on up in years ?

        2. Browman Ali# Update on “Mama Smokey” is that she would have passed if we’d taken the chemo/radiation route, am certain of it. She was too frail for that treatment at age 13, before I said 11, but she was actually 13 at the time she first became ill with lymphoma. She’s been on the previously – (on this site) – mentioned dosage of curcumin for near 2-years now and the large marble-sized tumor that once was between her eyes (on bridge of nose) totally collapsed, became fluid-like, and she literally sneezed it ALL out over a period of approx. 6-weeks. She quit bleeding and inflammation, coughing and wheezing all ceased within a very short period of time thereafter and other than a couple of colds she caught from 1 of our other 11 kitties over the past couple years now she’s been very healthy, eating well, and I bump up her curcumin when she has cold or flu, whatever ails her. Thanks for asking about Smokey. I highly encourage you to continue treating your kitty, Kiwi-3 with curcumin. It has proven to be a true miracle worker for us and Smokey.

          1. Argh, Holly – I wrote a giant message with some more questions but it was deleted with some note stating I appear to be a spambot. Let me try and bullet point everything I said:
            — Kiwi’s tumor is massive — bigger than a golfball, and has infiltrated her left eye, and is creeping up on the right quickly. I don’t think this is a battle of time I can win. *sigh*
            — how much curcumin exactly were you giving Smokey? I found some of the dosing discussions previous confusing. Were you giving Smokey 500mg a day with 5mg peperine?
            — how quickly did shrinkage occur? Did any occur at all, or did the tumor liquify, but remain the same size? I ask these “size” related questions because the size of Kiwi’s tumor is compromising other organs in her face. If I thought high dose curcumin would stop the tumor in it’s tracks — or start the shrinkage — I would start her on it immediately. But the prednisone seems to be the only thing slowing the tumor’s growth, and even then — it’s still growing at a fast enough rate to distort her once beautiful little face and eyes. It’s really heart-breaking to see her left eye completely sealed shut as the tumor presses from behind.
            — I wanted to thank you for taking the time to engage in these questions and share more of your experiences with Smokey’s life saving protocols. I found this information only recently — likely too late, given the placement and growth rate of Kiwi’s tumor — to save her (god that’s hard to type), but I’m hoping others will find this valuable information sooner than I did, and help their little ones.

            Thank you again Holly

            – Brown

          2. #BrowmanAli: Sorry I have not been on this site for near a year now due to personal health issues. Shoulda’ taken this alternative treatment myself but am constantly preparing gelcaps for 2 kitties now did not want to “dip” into their stash. Am better now but wish I’d been able to check-in sooner as am very concerned for you and your dear “Kiwi”. So very sorry if you were not able to save your kitty. Hope so though. Smokey is alive and well today and has been for near 3-years come June 2018. I totally credit the 500mg Turmeric/Curcumin with 5mg Piperine once DAILY. The Piperine serves to improve efficacy of the treatment because so very difficult to overdose with Curcumin and the Piperine also serves as catalyst. In answer to shrinkage and whether or not Smokey’s large marble-sized tumor became fluid, tumor actually “collapsed” and became fluid within few weeks if I remember correctly. She began “sneezing” all that toxic material out of her tiny body and it took it seems no time at all before ALL signs of veterinarian diagnosed Lymphoma were gone and no more large lump between her nose and above her left eye exist. The bleeding from her eyes and nose stopped almost overnight and the pin-pricked bleeding inside her ears also stopped overnight. Took several months for complete recovery and she has been healthier than my other 12 cats these past almost 3 years since “remission”. Feel very grateful and will try this before any other treatment with critters in future if need be.

    3. I melt organic butter, coconut oil, fresh ground black pepper(small amount) & termeric together & my very fussy cat laps it up no problem every time.

    4. Hi peter. Your cat may not be as obliging as mine but I lie him on his back in my arms and open his jaw with one hand and kind of throw piece of chopped tablet down his throat. He has lymphoma and told only 6 months to live. Since taking curcumin blood almost disappeared from stools and far more lively. Good luck . Ann

  4. Hi Peter, have you tried curcumin instead of turmeric? Curcumin, the active ingredient, doesn’t seem to have the strong smell that the spice turmeric has. But of course I am not a cat. 😉 Another point: curcumin is also more powerful than turmeric, so you could use less of it.

    I sometimes mix curcumin powder with my cats’ wet food. So far so good. They have never refused to eat, and believe me, my eldest cat is a tough cookie. She can detect anything…just like your cat.

    Hope this helps…

  5. HI Margaret
    Thanks for the the info on Curcumin, we will order some soon and give it a try on Ginger.
    Hopefully it will be easier as it has no oder and not have the same strong smell as Turmeric, that will make it easier to get Ginget to take it.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Regards, Peter.

  6. Hi Margaret!

    I bought 95% Curcumin extract in capsule form for my cat. Each capsule is 665 mg and I’m at a loss as to how to measure that down to 50 mg because the capsules aren’t all that large to begin with!

    Is there some brand or different form than pill I should be using for easy measuring? I looked up liquid extracts but they contained alcohol.

    Thanks for your post on this!

  7. I’m glad I came across this article. My cat had a large tumor removed last year, but it just came back. The vet of course had only extremely expensive treatment that I could not afford. I give my cat essaic tea twice a day with one dose of turmeric milk. I mix 1/4 tablespoon of turmeric in whole milk. Turmeric is fat soluble. It also does not absorb well without peppercorn (black pepper). I got one of those plastic ketchup bottles and put the mixture in there and give it to my cat like she’s a baby on a bottle. She hates it, and I make sure to give her a bit of food afterward. The cancer is in a state of collapse right now, draining and falling apart.

    1. Can you tell me how much of the tea you gave your cat? My kitty has scc cancer in the mouth. I started the tea but I’m unsure how much to give him. I just order mercola’s pet turmeric.

    2. I know this post is years old and I’m interested to know where your cats tumour was and what it was like when it collapsed and fell apart, I am at the minute going threw this with my 14 year old cat, I’m giving him essiac original formula, very messy at the min, he keeps clawing at his mouth and making it bleed tumour started under his chin and ended up enormous, lately swelling has gone down under his chin put seems to be inside of his mouth now under the tongue and next to one of his teeth, he has been on this tea for six weeks now and I wondered what I should expect to see happen. Would be very grateful for any advise

      1. Hi Allison,

        So sorry to hear of your kitty’s illness. When I posted here regarding chosen treatment for my cat I initially didn’t notice how old post I responded to was Certainly hope solution for administering to pet was determined (where I’d responded). Regretfully there are a lot of us pet parents out here in need of alternative natural treatments and am grateful we can come here and share our stories. Keep reading and “researching” and hopefully you find proper information for treating your “baby”.

      2. Hi Alison my cat is going through the same thing and December 2017 has been diagnosed via or xray as osteosarcoma but I believe it to be squamous cell carcinoma on his jaw. It it in his bone but the tumour is very visible about the size of a dollar along his one jawline crossing under his mouth slowly. Did you ever find anything to help your baby successfully? I hear oral cancer is usually pretty fatal 🙁

  8. I am very intereted in giving curcumin to cats. I am trying to treat a tumour. Still unsure as to the correct dose? The brand I have states the human dose should be three capsuls daily. My tip for giving cats supplements…mix the powder from capsule with a little butter or margarine and smear on paw. Cat will lick it off!

  9. I have my 18 1/2 year old Inky on Tumeric. He has an unidentifiable tumour on his neck.( yes of coarse he went to the vet) Seems to be helping. I give it to him by mixing it with hair ball remedy. I take my own Tumeric pills and break them open and mix 1/4 of it with an inch of Hairball remedy. I know that some think that the Hairbsll stuff is bad but I weigh the fact that he licks up the Tumeric which he needs. I break up the days by skipping a day or two in between without. I am a dentist and have used a lot of alternative treatments on my cats. I have had three cats and one lived to 21, one to 18 and my dear Inky. Msdds1@

  10. Dosage: Dogs take 4x benedryl, 4x Xanax; I have gone with 4K cur cumin for our kids. Vet wary, but understands I write software, ask a lot of questions, pubmed is my friend (I showed an Oncologist a certain article on iPhone, wasn’t hers) and follow the advise that works. (See my RA at last)
    Delivery: My Aussie had her tail run over (very close call) and vet recommended Pumpkin to ease her digestion in traumatized intestines. I bury the 2k curcumin/meal with pumpkin, then top with sardines, otherwise they find the Doctor’s Best, lick it clean and leave it behind.
    Cat folks: I was told pumpkin works for hair balls (plain pumpkin)
    Controversy warning: Elsewhere on this site, Margaret explains MM patients avoid Glucosamine. Well, that’s my response below hers. Curcumin works for the whole family, after we stopped Glucosamine, Chrondroitin.
    My RA is kept at bay, 3k curcumin a day
    Thank you Margaret, when you come up for air…
    God bless

  11. Have been reading about turmeric for gum disease. Does anyone know if it is effective applied to the gums of cats? My cat now has a lesion on a lower tooth since only a few months ago, when I was cleaning her teeth regularly. Using the standard toothpaste, CET, but also a small zylitol dropper-full which she actually likes. I plan to apply it daily to the brown lesion on her tooth (its just behind the eye tooth) They say removal is the only cure on some sites. Should I also be putting some hydrogen peroxide on it? Also giving buffered vit. C. All this since I discovered red, swollen tooth and gum with this brown line that may be a “cavity” yesterday. Swelling is almost gone already, but there is this brown line. Help.

    1. Check into the xilitoll it supposed to be toxic for cats.
      Sorry for the misspelling hard on the phone

  12. Howdy Anne,
    I do provide both our dogs with curcumin and sardines daily, my dosage follows how they are medicated with other human drugs.
    I soak their chew sticks with chlorhexidine 0.2% flush (Amazon) for their oral health, daily. Our vet sells chew sticks with it.
    I doesn’t whiten their teeth, but they do not have a dark line at the gum line. HTH. Best of luck.

  13. My 18 1/2 darling Puffin is down from 9 lb to 4 lb. The vet thinks it’s Lymphoma. HOW MUCH Turmeric should I give her and how often. Please help! Thank you.

    1. Up above in the article it says – which confirms the 50-100 mg/kg dosage:

      I have written a reply above also about colostrum. It is amazing with viral illness and immune problems. Here is link. Curcumin and Colostrom are changing my life! Look for the link on upper top right of this page…………….Theresa on Curcumin for Cats

      My cat has stomatitis but if she gets a flare up, it hardly lasts at all anymore and goes away on it’s own with colostrum, now instead of the dreaded cortisone shots or tooth pulling. I give her bovine colostrum everyday. She eats it dry and loves it. It is cheapest from a feed store. My whole family takes it and all of my other 4 pets. I could tell you story after story but to put it short there is nothing, NOTHING like it. It has a component to it called lactoferrin also can be purchased separately from a good healthstore or online. It helps to kill the virus and other things. I think it is best to take the whole form in the form of colostrum though. There are other wonderful componentsl that help to kill virus, fungi and unwanted bacteria that help to modulate the immune system whether over or under active.. Transfer Factor is a product from the colostrum also which is amazing, but anyone can afford a bag of colostrum from a feed store. JUst as good as from a health store. My opinion. It has helped me miraculously! All the best to you and yours. Theresa

  14. Thank you for this very informative and useful website. Our cat was diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma in late November and given a dismal prognosis of only a few days/weeks to live. In mid-December, after searching online, we began treating her with curcumin and other natural remedies. We have worked our way up from 200mg/day to 500mg/day divided in two doses. She weighs 6 kg, so this is less than 100mg/kg. We use a curcumin phytosome formulation which does not smell and has little taste. We mix it in with her food and a little fish oil and she eats it without any issues. In addition to the curcumin, we are also giving her COQ10 (50mg), Essiac tea and Life Gold and have also switched her food to a grain-free low-carb diet. All things considered, she is doing pretty well, and she does not appear to be suffering any ill effects from a daily 500mg dose of curcumin. The vet told us the other day that the cancer appeared to have stabilized. Of course, we are anxious to see the tumor shrink – I would be interested to know whether anyone has treated their cat with a higher dose than the one we are giving.

    1. Hi
      How is your kitty doing?
      My 8 year old Marty was diagnosed with the same thing 2 weeks ago she’s dwn to 5lbs won’t eat now, so I syringe feed her SD AD. I to give LIFESGOLD just started tumeric (do what the diff in curcumin n tumeric is )
      How much tumeric did u give your kitty and
      Is it true is should be administered with Peppèr? Thx so much

      1. Be sure to give your cat only curcumin extract, not turmeric (the spice). (curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric; it is curcumin that has the anti-inflammatory properties.) You can find curcumin extract at any health food store. We worked our way up 500mg daily, divided in two doses of 250mg each given with a little fish oil or butter and stirred into her food (giving it with fat increases bioavailability). One study cites 100mg/kg of body weight per day as the max safe limit, so for 5 lbs (2.27kg), I would give no more than 225 mg per day, divided in two doses of 125mg. I’ve heard about the pepper thing, but opted to use fat instead as cats like butter and pepper can be irritating. Curcumin gave us about three good months post-diagnosis. After that, the tumour got worse after a mobile vet changed her meds, causing her to decline rapidly. The curcumin did help keep things under control for a time, though.
        Best wishes for you and your Marty!

        1. Thx Kitty
          Sadly I lost my Marty on the 23rd of May, only 3 wks after that dreaded diagnosis I’m still in tears over her passing it was so fast like no other cancer I’ve seen in cats before. ????

      2. Be careful with the life gold and essaic tea. Try it for yourself, it had burdock root and other things in it that can cause severe GI pain. This may be why he won’t eat. My mom tried that when she had cancer and it made her so sick. It would be sad to force it on your cat and he can’t tell you how bad it is making him feel.

    2. How much tea and how often did you give it? I am treating my cat with the same kind of cancer. I’m looking for all the info I can find. Did the tumor ever shrink?

    3. This was written a long time ago but if you see it, which brand did you use? The one I bought seems a bit strong and my cat does not like it.

  15. Our cat has been diagnosed by our new vet as having Lymphoma in her throat.
    We do not know how long it was there and undiagnosed by the previous vet, possibly some months.
    We have started her on Tumeric and we are wondering if anyone can give us an indication of how long before we may be able to see some results, no matter how slight.
    Trevor and Ellen

  16. Are you giving curcumin extract, the active ingredient in turmeric, or simply the spice? You want to be sure to give curcumin. As a plus, it has practically no odor and no taste, making it more palatable to cats than turmeric. You can find curcumin supplements in health food stores.
    As for effectiveness, while I believe curcumin has helped slow down the progression of our cat’s cancer, the tumor has continued to grow. The vet said it most cats he’s seen with similar cancers do not remain as healthy for as long as ours has following diagnosis. Whether it is the curcumin, the other supplements, the diet, or the combination of these things, we cannot know for sure.
    Best wishes to you and your kitty.

    1. Cumin is not curcumin. Two different things entirely. Interesting that your cat loves cumin…such a strong smell and taste compared to turmeric (spice) and curcumin (extracted from turmeric)! Wowsie! 🙂

  17. I have a 2cat yr old cat with the herpes virus that is sneezing snot all of the times. Does anyone know if tumeric will heip?

    1. Your cat needs lysine if it is herpes. My cat has herpes (in her eye). She uses a VERY expensive eye drop, and gets a powdered lysine supplement. Your vet can prescribe lysine in a gel, but it’s expensive. Do NOT buy a lysine tablet or capsule. They have fillers and additives (maybe garlic, maybe vitamins, who knows) which can be unhelpful or harmful. I use Carlson, but NOW foods and others have the pure amino acid powder. Ask your vet what the dosage should be. My cat isn’t a sneezer, but she definitely has herpes. So ask about the dosage (it is probably by weight). Best way to feed: Buy a jar of meat baby food. Put about a half teaspoon in the lid of the baby food jar. Put the dosage of lysine on top. Mix with your finger, scoop up on your finger, and shove it in her/his mouth. It goes down easier than a liquid.

  18. L-lysine is what I use for my cat for feline herpes virus, 500mg capsule I open and stir powder into canned food. She does not reject it. Better in about 3 days.

  19. When we are dealing with cats, we have to remember that their metabolism is different from ours. As mentioned in my post, I do not give piperine to my cats, just straight curcumin powder–a little bit mixed in with their food. Some of them like it, some don’t. As far as I’m concerned, though, the important thing is that my two oldest cats (one has hyperthyroidism, the other has chronic kidney disease) love it. They’re the ones who really need it. Again, be careful with amounts…don’t go overboard!

  20. Hey everyone
    My gorgeous best friend of 15yrs has just been diagnosed with cryptococcus. A reoccurrance or the devasting disease from 5yrs ago, when we very nearly lost him.
    This time its already through the lymph glands and nasal areas. Hes on daily doses of the fluconazole but after reading great results from the use of curcumin with human systemic fungal diseases. Im really wanting to try this out (esp after being told theres a possibility the resistance to fluconazole will be high second time round)
    He’s 4.5kg so Im thinking 400mg max per day. Ill start him lower and see what happens. I have about 3wks to get this under control. I hope to have a success story to write for you all then ..
    Best wishes to all the fur babies and their mums & dads… Keep up the good work!!

  21. To Claire:

    I am sorry to hear about the crytococcus. My Russian Blue cat Rudy was diagnosed with it years ago and I took him to vets and we tried everything available to cure him and save his life. That was in 1986. It seemed to have become dormant after treatment but it came back a few months later as it had gone systemic and was in his blood stream. Nothing could be done by that time but have him put to sleep. UC Davis School of Veterinary medicine may have developed some new cure or hopeful treatments by now but I am not sure. They are in Davis California I believe. Also, there may be one in Sacramento.

    I have a 17 year old cat whose name is Mitsy and she has SCC in her lower jaw. I am searching the internet like crazy to find natural remedies and I may have found some good ones but I have to read a lot more. Meanwhile it is very progressive and the Vet wants to try surgery if it has not infiltrated to far into her jawbone and maybe the lymphnodes. It is all very expensive so I may only try natural remedies for now. She is eating small amounts of food and drinking and attempting to groom. I am giving her lots of attention and brushing her. Any ideas or information would be most welcome.
    I wish you all the best with that awful fungus and I will keep my eyes open for new remedies and share them as I find them. God Bless

  22. My 7 yr old Siamese has pododermatitis. He has been given cortisone shots for this terrible swelling & bleeding of paws. He just had a shot on Sept. 1 and today its already coming back again. Next step will be long term antibiotics, which I hate to start. Will Curcumin help resolve this? Has anyone tried this with a pet having pododermatitis?

  23. Hi everyone, my cat Bruno has been diagnosed with FELV, he’s lost his appetite, his strength and he’s walking around like a zombie non-stop now… I need to calm him down and make him sit before stroking his forehead gently, then he’d sit calmly for awhile. Bruno is only about 3 years (human years) old btw.

    I have been feeding him Goat’s milk for the past 3 weeks, its the only thing he’d consume, as he’d avoid all his other favourite foods, both wet and dry food. I’m planing to feed him turmeric with honey later. I really hope it’ll help him. I’ll update my findings here when there’s any.

    Thank you all so much for the information shared above and in the blog. I really appreciate it. Thank you all! And please send healing and positive energy to my cat Bruno wherever you are. Cheers!


  24. Hi everyone

    Once you start digging, there is SO much information on alternative cancer remedies on the net. I have found,, and to be excellent resources for diet and therapies for pets.

    Anyway, our cat Moët is 6 years old and has just been diagnosed with a lymphoma in her chest and FLV. The vet did not want to put her on chemo and instead gave her a shot of depo cortisone to dramatically reduce the lymphoma. The side effects sound scary but so far she seems fine.

    I’m wondering if once we get her onto Curcumin with Omega-3 fish oil and MSM I should ask the vet to forget about the cortisone. Any comments or similar experiences?

  25. Hi, I was hoping that someone could tell me if they know if Golden Paste (turmeric, cocnut oil, black pepper (small amount)) is ok to give to a kitty along with Salix (Lasix)? My sweet boy has fluid around his heart and 2 tumors. Has been on Golden Paste (GP) for three days and now needs the fluid addressed. Thanks so much.

  26. My cat Mickey was diagnosed with biopsy proven nasal lymphoma in April of 2014. We opted against chemo or radiation. We’ve been giving him 300 mg curcumin daily mixed in wet food with some extra water added and his response to it has been miraculous. (He is 13 lbs). No other treatment and he is in remission. The only problem we’ve recently found is that he’s developed bladder stones, which we’ve found out are more common in males cats because of a narrower urethra than females. Unclear whether they are calcium oxalate stones or struvite stones, but I’ve stopped his curcumin for a couple of days and am trying to figure out what his new dose should be as curcumin is high in oxalates. Has anyone else out there come across the same problem?

    1. Try using Bragg Organic apple cider vinegar 1 tsp in 8 oz of water
      Add 1/2 ounce of it with wet food when feeding and decrease dry food, the stones will dissolve since the urine will become acidic. My male cat has this problem when he eats too much dry food and don’t drink sufficient water. Wet food is best and dry food changes the ph balance of the urine which causes the stones

  27. I have an old cat who’s had a history of mast cell tumors but now has just had surgery removing a golfball sized what has been identified as a large cell and rapidly growing sarcoma. Prognosis is grim with likely regrowth and spread to organs. He’s losing weight and an even more finicky eater. What nutritional and gentle treatments can I do to keep him feeling better for as long as possible. But I don’t want our remaining days struggling with pills or other nasty treatments. I’m thinking diet: more fish omega 3 low carb grain free coconut oil curcumin. Maybe parsnips as I eat them for anti carcinogenic effects and he seems to like them but conflicted reports as some say toxic effects . Anything else?

    1. Hi Sara i’m the one with the 20-year-old cat I see you had your cat operated on how did that work out for you you said it was Graham this is in February so I don’t know? Thank you Mary

  28. Hi,
    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if I was to make the paste, could I put it externally on my cat who has a mild infection on his face?

  29. My 20 yr old kitty has firbroscenoma not sure spelling ? It’s around her right ankle; vet basically told me nothing can be done it’s connected to diff tissues, only option amputation, but I would not even think abt that at her age. I spent 5 hrs on computer looking up something to help my baby- I pulled up a vitamin called Sea Cucumber which comes from fish looks exactly like cucumber it states it shrinks cancerous tumors especially one my baby has its only been 2 weeks too early determination but now just reading turmeric and cumin I’m confused pls someone I am open to anything she’s my child ???? thank u Mary

  30. I had a black mold issue in my place that is finally being all cleared up. Long story short, my poor cat suffered the most as she’s the smallest. I want to try giving her curcumin powder by sprinkling some on her wet food , I wondered for a 15 pnd cat, how much should I start out giving her and work up to? This is for severe allergic dermatitis from mold spore inhalation. Her skin is all flaky, bald spots where her hair fell out on her belly and severe itching. She is on prednisone right now but weaning off of that and only has two days left to take it. I really don’t want to have to keep giving her that as I know there’s a lot of bad side effects. Looking for something more natural. Any advice or recommendations would be so greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    1. Really sorry to hear your sorrow, when I saw a fungus (mould) had been a cause I immediately worry due to my own experience. If your cat has any respiratory issues get a bood test for crytococcus (sp) it comes from fungus spores & my cat has been dealing with it for 6yrs now. He gets on & off treatment of curcummin (quality capsules from health food store) i break one and give about 1/3 into his meat (kangeroo) along with probiotics (again I bought human probiotics – good brand & sprinkle a 1/4 cap in. He weights now about 5kg after treatment. Coat, weight, energy, attitude, everything picks up (a lot better than just giving him his meds) Now that hes back in remission I give him this for approx 3 months then a break.
      Not sure if any of that helps but mould spores in their systems is nasty. Good luck & i wish you all the best ?? claire western australia

      1. Thank you so much for the great information. I had never heard of this before and I’m sorry to hear that your cat is afflicted with this condition. 🙁 It must be so stressful for the two of you. I appreciate you telling me about this as it’s not something I would have ever thought about until now. I also have probiotics as well as the curcummin. I feed her canned food twice a day so maybe I’ll try just a little pinch of each into it and see how she does. Already since the mold has been found and cleaned up she is doing much better, I notice she has much more energy, and so do I! We basically had the same symptoms just mine came along a lot longer and that’s when I knew it was an environmental allergy not just something pertaining to her specifically. I only wish I had figured it all out a little sooner than I did but these things take time. I’m just so glad its been taken care of and now we can work on getting back to a healthy place again. It will be a slow recovery though. Thanks again for the information. I wish you and your cat well. 🙂

  31. Has any more valid research or consistent positive testimonials been recorded for the use of Curcumin when treating cats? Particularly cats with cancer?

  32. Hi Margaret I have a 15 year male cat who has been diabetic for 2 years I have tried all insurlin which did not work so well he is now on levemir which does not create highs and lows like other insurlin altho he is never stable,i have tried so many alternative stuff which only pushes up glucose I test his sugar a few times a day,will curcumin, help and what are if any side affects for diabetic cats.tks yetty

    1. Hi everyone! Does anyone have an experience with treating FIP with turmeric powder? We are a sanctuary that have at one place 40 cats at this moment. We are desperately trying to find an alternative cure or treatment for FIP, since already 4 cats died recently of it. Medicine does not help. Please, if anyone has this sort of experience, HELP!

  33. My cat 13 yrs old was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has been on curcumin by Mercola, she eats with her wet food no grain Blue Buffalo and doing better, she also eats Goats milk Yogurt as a probiotic. And every third day she vomits I feed her small amount of food every five hours. iMargaret is there anything else I could be doing for her?

  34. Hello there

    Can you possibly suggest anything to help my cat with gingivitis / stomatitis. I’ve just started giving him Curcumin in the last few days.

    I blend sardines with veg and organic brown rice and give him it as a liquid food. I am also trying Q10 and vitamins and minerals.

    Not sure how I can kill the infection in the gums or ease his pain. I give him Valerian when he has a flare up.

    Does anyone know of any holisitic cures?

    Just about to try Hypericum homeopathy for his pain and Merc Sol to help fight the infection but it needs to be in his food otherwise I can’t get him to take it so I’m not sure how effective it will be.

    The Vets I’ve seen are brutal and extremely expensive and there seems to be little information on holistic cures on the internet.

    Thank you

    1. Here’s my two cents. Take it as you will – I’ve had success.

      You didn’t mention anything about seeing a vet or the use of antibiotics. Has the cat been on them? As much as I don’t believe in antibiotics, I think a course should be given to see the results. Anything more than one course is pointless and detrimental to the health of the cat.

      Food: Raw diet! Commercial grade. Or close to it which would be a dehydrated version. Don’t feed grains. Sardines work in a pinch to stimulate appetite, other than that, don’t. High mercury and full of PCBs. Yuk. No dry food unless you hydrate it.

      Supplements: Colostrum. I used Symbiotics Professional grade colostrum. Expensive yes. There may be other brands, do your research (I do not work for them or affiliated in any way). Give lots of probiotics, start slow though. Again, quality matters. Good stuff will be expensive, yes, otherwise you’re wasting your money (I wouldn’t rely on yogurt). Stay with the COQ10. There’s more you could use, but I would focus on that.

      I used Arnica for pain. Dissolve some pellets in water and admistor directly in mouth. Do not touch pellets. Could also add some drops of colidal silver to help with infection. Make a solution.

      I’ve never used curcumin for my cat and wouldn’t. My experience with curcumin is that the cat would need a good amount of it to be successful and that’s a lot of pilling for a cat.

      My next suggestion would be to have teeth removed – all if possible. They can live perfectly without teeth. You may re-think that though if cat is outdoors. Otherwise, in my opinion, you will always be fighting the battle of teeth, gums and stomatitis. Period. Especially if the cat is FLV+ Which usually go hand in hand with stomatitis.

      You have to awaken the doctor within the pet for the pet to able to heal itself – it starts with a clean diet for the pet =)

      Those are my thoughts and opinions. Hope some of it helped. I wish you the best of luck!

  35. Any meds I give my cat are mixed in Organic Chicken baby food(Earth’s Best) only chicken & water. I open a cap & mix it into the baby food in a shot glass. Then into a feeding syringe It works perfectly. No Pills!
    Yrs ago I had a cat choke to death on a pill I always rubbed butter on it but this time it went in wrong & he died. Iwill never put a pill in any cats mouth again!

  36. Stomatitis: A vet told me yrs ago pulling all the teeth out does NOT cure this disease. He said it was from an incurable Virus that lives in the mucus membrane of the throat.
    My cat is 16 yrs old she’s had this for 15 yrs. I give her only a raw meat diet, Omega 3 Turmeric & Lysine. Also Slippery Elm powder 2 X a Day. I mix 1/2 cap in a shot glass add distilled water to make it liquid (not a paste)into a feeding syringe. She eats fine & appears to be a Happy cat. The vet said the steroids Vets use for this disease is probably worse than the disease. And the majority of cats that had their teeth pulled out the stomatitis came back! He also mentioned that using Stem cells to cure Stomatitis is in trials now.

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