Quercetin and Curcumin Potion

I wanted to mention that a couple of days ago I began mixing quercetin powder with my chocolate curcumin “ganache.” By the way, I bought the quercetin powder from Supplemental Health Formulations (see Curcumin Brands/Sources for info on SHF) about a year or so ago.

Quercetin powder and two types of curcumin powderHere is a photo portraying the three powders I threw into today’s brew. Left: two grams of quercetin. Top right: C3 Complex curcumin, four grams. Bottom right: SHF curcumin, one gram. I hope the photo is clear enough to show the difference in colour between the two types of curcumin.

As for flavour, well, this mixture tastes like a very rich (thanks to the double cream!) hot chocolate with a spicy edge. Very very nice. That is one reason why I hope that this method will work for me. 😉

Another, perhaps more important reason, one that I have mentioned on a previous occasion, is that mixing these powders into a liquid makes me feel a bit like Harry Potter putting together a healthful potion. It gives me a sense of active participation in the fight against my malignant cells. And, as I watch the powder dissolve and blend with the liquid, I have the time to visualize this mixture as it eventually encounters and kills some of my myeloma cells. I also like the feel of the thick drink as it goes down my throat, coating my tongue and painting it a rather bright shade of orange in the process. I know, I know, this must sound terribly silly. But I don’t get the same psychological feeling of power when I swallow curcumin capsules. Ahhh, it’s hard to explain. There’s only one thing to do: try it for yourself! 🙂


  1. I am also experimenting with ways to make curcumin palatable and maximally bioavailable. You blogged before about biocurcumax, and I found a website that sells the stuff: http://www.ayurvedaforall.com/1090/biocurcumax.html. Is there any reason not to buy from this source?

    Also, given your love of chocolate, have you tried mixing cocoa powder with the curcumin powder, and then stirring it into your other mixture?

  2. Hi Martha, I don’t know anything about that website. No idea if it’s a reliable source or not. Sorry!
    Cocoa powder might work, and I am also looking into cocoa butter. How are you testing bioavailability, if I may ask?
    Thanks, Margaret

  3. Hi Margaret! Re Living Proof – I guessed you might have read it, just wanted to be sure!

    Have you come across the supplement ZYFLAMEND? It appears to contain all the various herbs you have mentioned. I have just started on it today. The recommended dose is ‘1 capsule twice a day with an 8oz glass of water in the middle of a large meal.’ As I only consume one ‘large meal’ per day, I might have to improvise. I am only trying it to see if it makes any difference to my various aches and pains…

    Regards, Dora

  4. Hello Margaret: Well, I’m not really testing it, although I am mixing my curcumin capsules with flax oil, heating them gently in a shot glass over a double boiler, then mixing it with cottage cheese and jam. It’s somewhat palatable. I’m trying to decide how to take it and overcome the oft-mentioned bioavailability problem. I would love to just take capsules, which is why the source of Biocurcumax seemed great, because their advertising says: “1 capsule is equivalent to about 10 grams of turmeric powder.” It is made by Liv-Long Nutraceuticals, a subsidiary of the India biocurcumax patent holder.

  5. zYFLAMEND- have been taking it for about 6 months with my circumin- no problems- m-spikes reduced byy more than half (IGG) could be the circumin 3 grams -zyflamend or immune system builders but I’m happy

  6. Hello hoping you are well. I am very interested in the dosage for cats? Do you think it could help with nerve damage in colon – this happened after a dog attack on angel’s tail. Now a manx…

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