Croaking Like A Frog

Well, here we go again. I had been feeling better for days, then last night my sore throat was back, and I started croaking like a frog. Today I have been feeling icky, hardly able to speak, and coughing up, well, you don’t want a description. Are the antibiotics not working? Is curcumin interfering? Just in case, I stopped taking curcumin. Stopped taking WHAT? I know, I know. It probably doesn’t make any sense. Just for a couple of days, though.

I spoke with my doctor this morning and will speak with him tomorrow, too. We have to do something. This is ridiculous.

On a more cheerful note, my cousin sent me a link to an animated short film commissioned by the Tuscan Region for the U.N. Water Year 2003. It has been selected as part of a short film festival dealing with ecological themes. Absolutely brilliant. See:

I am so proud of you, my very talented and sweet cousin! Bravissimo!!!


  1. Dear Margaret,

    I have found AHCC that can build immune system in cancer patien and reduce abnormal protien in MMer (information following). What do you think about it.



    Int. J. Immunotherapy X1(1) 23-28 (1995)



    Department of Otolaryngology.
    Department of Surgery
    Department of Pathology, Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, CA 90059, USA
    *Address for correspondence: Drew University of Medicine and Science, Department of Otolaryngology, 1621 East 120th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059 USA.

    Summary: The effects of therapy with active hemicellulose compound (AHCC) were examined in 11 cancer patients. AHCC is a myecelic extract of basidiomycota originating from hybrid mushrooms. Significant anticancer activity by AHCC was observed with advanced malignancies in patients given 3 g of AHCC daily. The percentages of patients with complete remission were as follows: (i) prostatic, 213 (66%). PSA level

  2. Get well soon, Margaret.You must keep the
    feel-good factor on top.It’s just a little tickle
    and you will start to feel better before long.
    You have put yourself under a lot of pressure
    for quite some time, so why not ease off and relax?
    With best wishes for your speedy recovery and
    peace of mind,
    Old Bill.

  3. Fascinated with your blog and your perserverance.

    As an Afib patient, refusing coumadin, I seek natural ways to thin blood and reduce stroke risk. Curcumin, tumeric, garlic etc are on my list.

    Your blog stimulated my research into curcumin. I have discovered BCM-95 as a super absorbable form. You may already know about this but if you don’t it’s available at Life Extension Foundation. They say it is 7x more bio available than other forms of curcumin and has the important property of lasting longer in blood serum.

    Good luck. I’ll be following your interesting blog.

  4. My wife has suffered with rather dramatic frequent throat croaking for nearly 6 months. She has been examined by Dr’s of numerous medical disciplines. All say there are no abnormalities from head to toe yet the croaking like a frog continues. Does anyone have any information on total or even partial treatment/cure. This affliction will drive her crazy if left unchecked. Please help us.

    God Bless

    Rudy and Cheryl of Texas

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