September Test Results

They finally arrived! Okay, there is no getting around it, my IgG count has increased from 30,60 to 34,30 g/L. And the monoclonal component has also increased, from 24,1 to 25,7, the highest it has been except for the period last fall when I took four grams of curcumin a day by mistake (having misread the instructions on the bottle regarding serving size, sigh), when it went up to 25,9. HOWEVER, I have some good news. My IgM and IgA have remained exactly the same (low, but stable). Now, going down the list of my tests, in order:

My white and red cell counts both increased a little bit, and so have my haemoglobin and hematocrit. I should note that they have always been within the normal range.

My platelet count went from 283 to 296, which is higher than any of my pre-curcumin values (so much for the widespread belief that curcumin depresses platelets). Excellent.

My blood viscosity went up 10 points, from 45 to 55, but it is still nowhere near my all-time high, which was 95 (!). Not too bad.

Creatinine and LDH have both decreased somewhat. They have always been way within normal range. My triglycerides and my total cholesterol also went down. My cholesterol is still above normal, but it’s under 300 mg/dL, at least!

My ferritin (iron stores) have gone up slightly, from an abysmally low 7 to a less abysmally low 8 (the low end of the normal range is 10). At least it’s going in the right direction…

My total protein has decreased slightly, from 8,6 to 8,5, which puts it even more within the normal range. My calcium has gone from 9,4 to 9,2 mg/dL. Uric acid has also gone down a bit. Albumin is still stable and within the normal range.

A new test, which supposedly yields my M-spike (?), gives me a value of 2,18. There are no reference ranges. In Italian, this test is called serum monoclonal component. Am I correct in assuming this is the M-spike?

My analysis. These tests were taken during a period of more-than-usual stress for me. I was about to begin a new job teaching English, and I hadn’t taught in years. And there were a few family problems, nothing major, but they did create a certain amount of stress. Could stress have played a factor? Possibly. And what about that rich southern Italian diet? Who knows.

However, I can draw only one conclusion from these tests: curcumin capsules without bioperine are not as effective as those with bioperine, not even taken with quercetin and flaxseed oil capsules. At least in my case. Simple as that. These bioperine-less tests aren’t bad, but they aren’t super, either. Perhaps a mix of capsules with bioperine and ones without would work. I will have to think about trying that in the future.

Right now, I am taking the Doctor’s Best curcumin capsules with bioperine (might as well fess up 😉 , since I have posted about brands!) and have added resveratrol to my regular intake. Next tests in November. We shall see.


  1. Dear Margaret,
    From personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that stress does play a major role on test results. I usually eat very well and I take my supplements religiously; however, sometimes I fall off the wagon. For instance, a couple of years ago, I went to Guatemala and spent a few days at Rio Dulce. This is a beautiful place next to the jungle. I ate all kind of foods, except salads because I was afraid to get sick as many people do when they go to Central and South America. I was very concerned because of what I ate. I went to the doctor right after I came back and had my blood tests. To my surprise, when the results came back, they were better than ever. I couln’t figure out why, and my cousin was the one that brought to my attention, that I went on vacation and I was very relaxed. From there on, if I am stressed out, I change my doctor’s appointment and go when I feel relaxed. I did that in June. I had an appointment, but since I was going on vacation, I changed my appointment for July to go when I came back. My test results could not be better.

  2. Margaret,
    Would you please elaborate on the M component. My blood tests only show the count for the IgA, IgM, and IgG. My marker is the IgA.
    Which one shows the blood viscosity?

  3. Where is a picture of you on this blog, Margaret? (Did you know I have a sister named Margaret?)
    Anyway, regarding resveratrol, I think you would not get it confiscated from that now makes two know as Transmax and the other known as bioforte. This company is not based in the U.S. I am not really sure where they are based actually, as the man in charge, James Betz, PhD, got his graduate degree at the University in Vienna. I think that the supplements this company produces are made in Singapore, and he has some curcumin studies started in India. It would be worth a shot!!! (Also it comes nitrogen free and not susceptible to oxidataion like most other resveratrol supplments are..except Longevinex..which is much more expensive on a trans-resveratrol per pill basis



  4. Hi Margaret,

    I think the stress had a lot to do with your numbers going up. And don’t forget that bout of pleurisy! If I remember correctly, Bob’s oncologist said that any infection can have a effect on your numbers.

    And also, I really do think eliminating bioperine could have caused the curcumin not to work as well.

    I hope this is just a little bump in the road and that your numbers settle back down. Please keep us informed.

    Thanks for all you do!


  5. Dear Margaret,

    Looks to me like the test labeled “serum monoclonal component” is your M-spike. My M-spike test is labeled “serum monoclonal peak,” and the number is 1.90 g/dL. What are the units (g/dL)?

    The bad news is that some numbers that relate to tumor burden did bump up a little, though it might just be variability in the tests.

    But the good news is that three key CRAB indicators in your blood tests (calcium, creatinine, HGB) are ALL going in the RIGHT direction. Good job Margaret!

    I think most doctors in the USA would want to prescribe Lipitor for that cholesterol, and I seem to recall some data showing that statins may also have a modest anti-myeloma effect. Sunshine says that statins should be taken with CoQ-10 however.

    Be well, Don

  6. Hi Margeret
    This is cheewai here from Malaysia , I’m 36 years old and currently having Curcumin and Barley Green as by treatement for every night b4 sleep. So far, I’m stable after 3 years that I had diagnosed Plasmacytoma in year 2004 May.
    It is good that you can add in more Veges and green into your treatment as I believed that the myeloma cells doesn’t like green.
    Sometime, I use weatgrass to add into my treatment list plus others green ingredients.
    We have a lot of myeloma patients in Malaysia and they can stay alive for at least 5 years and we do have a lot of Veges for daily foods.
    CheeWai from Malaysia

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