Voglio Vivere Così, Col Sole In Fronte…

Well, I WOULD have a lot to write about today, based on all the great blog comments I have received, but I am feeling a bit too lazy now. I will post a better post tomorrow. Ah, why am I feeling lazy? Well, this morning I got up before dawn to go to the hospital lab for my blood tests, so I confess to being a bit tired. I try to get there early to avoid the crowds, but even at 6:45 AM there were already 41 people in line in front of me (well, it is a take a number system, so you can sit down once you have a number, it’s really not hard at all, plus I am rereading Gerald Durrell’s books, which I read as a kid but still give me the giggles, so the wait was actually easy). I should be getting my test results (in the mail) by the end of this month. I asked my GP to add a new test called monoclonal measurement or monoclonal dosage (a literal translation from the Italian dosaggio monoclonale ), which should turn out to be the M-spike. I am a bit doubtful only because the nurse was puzzled by this test request and couldn’t find the specific code for it. Well, we shall see what happens.

Today I began my fall experiment: two months on resveratrol. I took my first capsule at lunch. Very exciting. And yes, this will be in addition to curcumin, quercetin and flaxseed oil, except now I have to decide how to take my curcumin: capsules with bioperine (again) or curcumin powder mixed with a fat (again)? Based on Wiroj’s comment (see previous post), I am seriously thinking of trying the powder concoction again. Hmmm. Today I chose the capsules. Lazy…again!

This morning, as I was driving home from the hospital lab, dreaming of a nice hot cappuccino and a pastry that I had just picked up at the Pasticceria Stefania (best patisserie in Florence, conveniently located in my neighbourhood!), I learned that Luciano Pavarotti, the great Italian tenor, had died earlier today. He had pancreatic cancer. Well, that is sad news indeed. I am not an opera fan (I am, however, a HUGE classical music enthusiast), but Pavarotti’s spectacular voice gave me goosebumps. He is probably best known for singing Nessun dorma (from Puccini’s Turandot), but the radio station I was listening to broadcast his rendition of a chirpy song titled Voglio vivere così, which means I want to live like this. Here are a few lines from this pretty song, describing how he (he = the author, who also happened to be a tenor) wants to live, enjoying the simple things in life: Voglio vivere così, col sole in fronte, e felice canto, beatamente… Translation, more or less (I hope!): I want to live like this, with the sun on my forehead, and, in high spirits, I sing happily. Ok, it sounds better in Italian, and this excerpt is out of context so perhaps it’s hard to understand. But that’s how I would like to live, too, happily, enjoying the simple things in life. For the most part, I do. Except on the days I go for my blood tests! 😉


  1. This comment may belong on an earlier post, but, oh well….
    At the U of Minnesota there is a program going on called Bank on a Cure. (you may know of it) There are collecting massive numbers of blood samples in order to know what drugs (!) work for people with certain genetics… so they can check your genes and pick the right drug (!) that will work for you… because, amazing thing.. not all drugs work the same for all people.
    Well, I think “they” need to be considering the effect of genetics when the establishment proclaims that a natural supplement “doesn’t work”… because it doesn’t work for everybody!
    Wouldn’t it be natural and wonderful if the U of MN study could include determining which natural supplements worked for which people of various genetics?!!!

  2. Margaret,

    I hope you know how important your blog is. In my opinion it doesn’t need a better direction than it already has. As others have commented, I read your blog every single day just to see what new nugget your research has produced. I believe that it is the best single source of information on alternative natural substances that might have promise in treating myeloma.

    In my own case, I would not be taking curcumin if it were not for your blog. I’ll probably also add quercetin and resveratrol, one at a time, because of you. When (not if) those treatments work, you may have saved my life. No doubt others can say the same.

    Thank you for doing exactly what you do. Hugs.


  3. Dear Margaret,

    Few days ago I’ve discovered your interesting blog.
    My father has been diagnosed MM five years ago (smouldering), now since 2003 he takes the curcumin every day and I in the time I’ve read some articles and document about it.
    However the MM is stable for four your (cross the fingers)
    Would you mind if we could exchange some opinion about it ?

    Grazie a Ciao

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