Curcumin Brands and Other Issues

I have not posted about brands. As I have previously written, I do not want to make it seem as though I favour one brand over another. The fact is that I don’t know if there exists a best brand of curcumin. So why am I writing this post today? Simple. To help others in a situation similar to mine. If someone had given me any information about curcumin when I started taking it, I would have wasted less time looking up brand information, bioavailability issues, side effects, etc. These were the main reasons for creating this blog. Plus, I have privately received valuable information from other curcumin-takers, some of whom have been taking curcumin for longer than I have. That information should not go to waste.

So how do you choose what brand to take, and how do you decide if one curcumin-offering website is more reliable than another? These are legitimate questions. Please check my Curcumin Protocol post and page, and if you don’t find an answer there, remember that I will readily exchange information privately on this and other matters. Just write to me (if you know my e-mail) or leave me a note here, and I will get in touch with you. I may not be able to answer your questions, but I will try, at least! I should note that I am bilingual (Italian and English), plus I know enough French and Spanish to get by, so you can write to me in these four languages. Latin, too, if you wish. 😉

A slightly annoying note. Italian customs in Milan stopped a package containing resveratrol that my parents sent to me in May. They are just doing their job, but this means that I have now run out of the good resveratrol, and am taking what probably is not good enough for my resveratrol experiment. So, I fear that I will have to redo the experiment next fall. The latest word on the package is that customs has lost it. Sigh.

In spite of the customs mix-up and the horrible summer heat wave that is about to hit Florence (sigh), I have a few positive news items. My new kitten is adorable; I visit it every day. It is more interactive now, and looks up at me in wonder, as though it already knows how much I love it. Yesterday the little critter tried to show me how well it can clean itself but kept falling over in vain and clumsy attempts to clean its tiny hind paws. Too funny! Why it ? Well, we still can’t figure out if it’s a boy or a girl! I think it’s a girl, but could well be wrong. And the lonely kitten (see recent blog photo) has been adopted by a very pleasant young woman who passed a strict oral examination yesterday. 😉 And, last but not least, a close listserv friend, who had received what seemed to be very worrisome news about her MM, received some good news from a well-known MM specialist (hurray!). Life is good.

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  1. Thank you for the good news about your listserv friend and the lonely kitten. The photo of “the one that was left behind” haunted my daydreams!

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