Goodbye, Myeloma Man

The sun is shining in Florence this morning, but it doesn’t look very bright to me out there. I woke up to the sad and upsetting news that Hans Yeager, known to us MMers also as Myeloma Man, passed away on April 1. I still have a hard time believing it. I immediately went to his website only to discover that it is gone. I had meant to read every word of it some day soon. Too late now. It is with deep regret that I will remove the link from my blog.

His wife wrote a very touching account of his last hours; it was posted on one of the MM listservs. No point in repeating the details, here, but Hans was a fighter right up to the end. A brave man.

My most recent and, as it turned out, last exchange with Hans happened in mid March, right after he had gotten out of the hospital. He had just gotten home, and was about to take a shower. He wrote that he would get in touch with me as soon as he felt better, and I replied with a Get Well Soon e-mail. His last words to me were Look forward to conversing with you. Unfortunately, that will no longer be possible.


  1. Margaret,

    I’m sure that being a strong will man like I’m sure he was, from were he is now, he will find a way to continuing helping all the MMers around the world.

    Faith !


  2. It’s very hard to lose close friends. I can’t remove their email addresses from my address book or delete them from my contacts/buddy lists.

    I think it’s so very hard for us because we understand that we may follow much sooner than we expected to. It can happen very quickly, and that’s a terrifying prospect.

    The Internet Wayback Machine will have a copy of the web site.

  3. I, too, was devastated at the news. He was a dear friend and a great support as our family battles with MM. Do you know what blog you saw the posting? I wish I had known sooner. He will be dearly missed.

  4. Hans was a great friend and neighbor. In the early ’90s we lived next door to each other in Playa del Rey, CA. Over the years we stayed in touch and managed to go on a couple of great motorcycle rides. Even though I was acutely aware of his situation, I was sure we would get in at least one more ride.

    “Life isn’t fair.” is all I have to say about that.

    Hopefully we will be able to find his website and share it with others.

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