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I just read an article titled Internet Changes the Way People Manage Health Care, posted by the Medical Editor of Healthblogs, which inspired me to write this post. If you want to read the study, click on: The study states that nearly one in four of Americans have reported being healthier today because of the Internet. I couldn’t agree more. When I was first diagnosed with MM (December 2005), I spent a lot of time on the Internet doing research on both conventional and alternative treatments. In fact, after reading the test result MM diagnosis and getting over the shockwave that had hit me for a few minutes, I got right on my computer. Some of my husband’s family members told me to stay away from Internet, that I was only going to scare myself and get depressed. I didn’t heed those warnings, and am glad to report that their predictions never came to pass. Yes, it’s true, perhaps you can find TOO much information on Internet. I read all the dire statistics on MM, I read all about the side effects of chemotherapy, and I also read about fishy alternative remedies. Some of what I read, in both fields, was discouraging, to say the least. But I persevered. I think Internet can be a scary place. As I said, you can obtain much more information than you need on any subject. It is important to ignore websites advertising a cure for your cancer. Sad to say, there are a lot of snake oil merchants out there. Also, if a website asks for any personal information before you are able to access their data, move on. Don’t leave your name anywhere. Just my advice!However, Internet can also be a fantastic tool. My online research drastically changed the direction of my treatment. I found the curcumin clinical trial/studies and began taking curcumin. I will keep doing my research, and will never look back.

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