“Long-term stabilisation of myeloma with curcumin.”

This is the title of a case report concerning a blog reader with whom I’ve been corresponding for years now. Her case report has been the main object of our most recent exchanges, as you can imagine. We couldn’t wait for it to be published.

Well, this morning I received a note from her, telling me it had finally been…published! And so I sat down and wrote this post…I’m so amazingly excited for her…

Here’s the link to the FULL case report: goo.gl/YCMR0A

As you can see, it’s very easy to read…

An excerpt from the Discussion: “The fact that our patient, who had advanced stage disease and was effectively salvaged while exclusively on curcumin, suggests a potential antimyeloma effect of curcumin. She continues to take daily curcumin and remains in a very satisfactory condition with good quality of life. This case provides further evidence of the potential benefit for curcumin in myeloma. We would recommend further evaluation of curcumin in myeloma patients in the context of a clinical trial.

I couldn’t agree more!

P.S. in a recent comment, blog reader Charlotte brought the case report to my attention (thank you!). But I had just lost my mother, and, to be honest, I barely glanced at the abstract…I didn’t make the connection…until this morning, of course…

3 thoughts on ““Long-term stabilisation of myeloma with curcumin.”

  1. Camille

    This is great news – thank you for sharing it with us! There are so many curcumin options to choose from…is it possible to find out what kind of curcumin she takes?

  2. Benjamin

    Indeed, a wonderful case report. Typically HBOT is seen used in conjunction with other interventions, such as intravenous ascorbate, a ketogenic diet, etc. Do you know what additional changes she may have made to her lifestyle? Also, what is the rational for a single large dose of curcumin, given the short half life would one not see better results with mutilple smaller doses throughout the day?

  3. D.

    Hello Margaret, thank you for posting my case study. Long awaited and i am so pleased that at last it was published. Not easy because registrars are busy so it was thanks to eric lowe from myeloma uk who offered the help of his medical writer. My consultant was brilliant, and overall it was a great team to get it done.

    Now of course this would never have been possible without Margaret who put me onto curcumin in the first place. and at times has given me advice. Her story and inspiration is massively impressive and I hope that Margaret’s case is written up and published.

    With regards to the questions – it is also in the report – i have been following the protocol of Dr Best C3 curcumin with bioperine – 8 grammes a day at night on an empty stomach. This was the initial protocol.

    Anyway do ask me any other questions.




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