Leaving again…

IMG_3891I have quite a lot on my plate right now. For example: I still have to read the FULL fucoidan study (plus the other fucoidan study that Hans linked to…see his comment on the fucoidan post…One of those studies is available for free online…And yes, I have the other, above-mentioned one…), I’m working like a dog on two different projects (= paid work, gotta do it, need to pay for cat food 😉 ), AND, last but not least!!!, I am also getting ready to leave for the States (I’m leaving this Friday). No kidding! IMG_3925

Yes, I’m about to get on yet another plane…so soon after our Skokholm adventure (oooh that reminds me: I need to post some of my Skokholm photos and amusing stories…). Anyway, to be honest, I have NEVER, in my life!, traveled this much in just ONE year…amazing. IMG_3961

Well, it’s all my parents’ fault. 😉 I mean, last year they decided they were too creaky and feeble and old (= they’re 85…speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM, I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!! Yes, today is my Mom’s birthday!!!) to get on a plane and fly across the ocean to spend the summer with us here in Italy. So now I’m the one doing all the…flying! 🙂 IMG_3945

This summer I have an extra reason for visiting them. They’re having cataract surgery done almost as soon as I arrive, and I need to be there to cook and clean and do laundry, put all the necessary eye drops in their eyes, make sure that they don’t bend over or make any “forbidden” movements and whatever else is needed during the short period of recovery from this procedure…IMG_3967

Stefano is going to stay here in Florence with our six cats, then he’s going to join me and my parents in the U.S. in mid August, which is when a trusted friend is moving into our house, mainly to take care of the cats. This all took a bit of planning, since we would never ever leave our kitties with someone we didn’t trust…but…we made it in the end! Stefano and I will be returning to Florence together at the end of August. 


By the way, I will be online and keeping track of research items while I’m in the States. Just give me a few days to get over jet lagzzzzzz! 😉 I’ll also be taking some scientific studies with me…the ones that I won’t be able to comment on before I leave, that is.

To end on a beautiful “awwwww” note, here are a few of the photos I took of some of our cats yesterday, while we were in various stages of cleaning one of the rooms in our house…The kitties really love to help us on these occasions…yep…but, as you can see, then they get all tired out, poor sweets!  🙂

P.S. The only cat who is “missing” here is our eldest, Puzzola, 12 years old. When she realized that we had enough furry helpers, she went back to sleep upstairs…Hehe. By the way, if you want to know their names, just hover over the photo with your mouse…


  1. Be well Margaret and safe travels ! Health to your Mom and Dad !! All of the very best to you !

  2. Thanks, Dana! (I haven’t left yet, though! A few more days, still…)
    Hehehe, Veronica, you really made me chuckle (and Stefano smiled, too)! 🙂
    Uhmmmm, tell you what: I’ll add your name to the very long list of people who want Pinga. 😉

  3. Have a great trip Margaret. The worst thing about cataract surgery I found was not being able to bend forward for 4 weeks (I love my daily yoga) Love your cats, I am getting in line to adopt them?

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