Mad about birds!

IMG_1383IMG_1712Here are a few of the photos that I’ve taken at the bird reserve (Parco della Piana, Sesto Fiorentino…just outside of Florence) in the past couple of weekends. 

Yesterday we saw our first black-winged stilt couple of the 2013 season, but they slept most of the time (and they slept today, too) because it’s still quite chilly…in other words, too coldIMG_1150IMG_1243IMG_1798IMG_1735IMG_1705
to think of starting a family. Here’s one of them on the right (top)…looking a bit grumpy…just woke up, before coffee, y’know… 😉

We’ve also seen robins, woodpeckers, reed buntings, siskins, chiffchaffs, chaffinches, great tits, plus various duck species and so on…hawks, e.g. Oh, and yesterday we spotted a greenshank, which was nice. 

Oh my, how did it get to be so late???

We went on daylight saving time last night, so I’m a bit discombobulated…

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂IMG_1366

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