Dr. Catherine Kerr: mindfulness starts with the body…


Mindfulness meditation versus pain and depression. Here is the link to an incredibly interesting TED lecture that will take just 15 minutes of your time: http://goo.gl/0Zpk9 

And here’s a Huffington Post article on the same topic: http://goo.gl/b3Jod Notice what it says about the possibility of decreasing stress…Amazing what our brain can do…

As for me, I have my own form of meditation. I’ve never taken a meditation class so I don’t know if what I do is correct or not, but it relaxes me and makes me feel fabulous. But now I’m interested in learning more about this specific form of meditation. I want to do it properly, mainly because of what I read about its possible effect on stress.

Turn down the volume! 🙂 

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  1. Hi, Margaret, the best book I read about meditation is Meditaion in plain English, now free http://www.urbandharma.org/pdf/mindfulness_in_plain_english.pdf;
    see also this link (there are gooood) dharma.org/resources/audio#guided;
    I like very very much B. Alan Wallace (it is a litle bit different, but still very good) sbinstitute.com/phuketpodcasts. Jon-Kabat Zin books and guided meditations are WOW. Have a good start in it 🙂

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