Work work work!

IMG_0364Just got back but already overwhelmed with work…translations…and stuff I need to do for my second (online) job…blablabla…But I hope to be able to do some research, too, at some point soon. I have a few studies, drafts…I just need to find some time to have a look at ’em all…


In the meantime, I thought I’d quickly post some of the photos I took with my new (Xmas!) camera while I was in the States. Just a few, random photos of this and that…for example, two cute dogs that Stefano, my cousin and I saw in Salem, Massachusetts…our Xmas tree, a nuthatch looking for food on a tree, a “Keep Calm” sign I saw in a shop window, a couple of seals off our beach and my parents’ Myeloma buddies (dear Paula…much missed…)… 


Enjoy! IMG_0156





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