Absentee voting and pills pills pills…

Well, a couple of weeks ago I mailed off my absentee ballot. I won’t tell you for whom I voted, of course…I mean, after all, there are privacy laws and all that. Uhm…let’s just say that if you have been reading my blog for at least 4 years, you can easily figure it out…especially since I voted for him again. 😉 

But no, I’m not going to talk about the presidential race today. The only thing I’ll say is that I really hope Cancer Girl’s Barack-oli soup (http://goo.gl/d56aw) helps our mutual candidate tomorrow… 🙂

Okay, enough. Let’s just get this election over with and see who wins, fingers crossed, tightly crossed! In the meantime, I’ll entertain you with a bit of what’s been happening in our large feline household lately. Essentially, after sighing a huge sigh of relief last week, when all the cats seemed fine or on the mend…BOOM!, our eldest cat, Puzzola, came down with a bad cold, too. Can you believe it???

And my recurrent nightmare is that our Puzzola will get sick…You see, administering antibiotics or any other pill to Puzzola in any way, shape or form is virtually impossible. She can smell a pill a mile away, no matter how cleverly you camouflage it.

This is what typically happens: the first day, when she isn’t paying that much attention, she’ll eat the crushed antibiotic mixed in with a her favorite food, and you think “Purrrrfect! This works. Problem solved.” Then the next day she’ll act as though I’m trying to poison her…Same food, same antibiotic, same me, go figure.

But I don’t give up easily. So I switch to an even more palatable sort of food, and my new tactic might work for 12 or even 24 hours, but somehow the kunning kitty figures out there’s a pill somewhere in there. I firmly believe that she would starve herself to death before letting go of her main principle in life: “no human will ever outsmart me with a pill. 😉

Well, I’ve run out of palatable food…This morning I even tried non-vegetarian baby food. Didn’t work. 

So this evening, as much as we hate this “plan,” Stefano and I are going to grab her and shoot the pill in liquid form down her throat. We can’t let this high maintenance cat get any sicker than she already is…

And so the sick feline saga continues…Uffaaaaaa! 


  1. Yep, some cats need to be waterboarded! 🙂 In this instance, it is good for them and they soon forget you tortured them. Good luck and be sure to where long sleeves!

  2. I’m puzzled by your problems with getting Puzzola to accept anti-biotic pills. Surely a cold virus is totally unaffected by antibiotics?
    Why are you dosing her with them?

  3. Hi John, this virus has a nasty bacterial component, too, which has the potential to turn into an upper respiratory infection, as happened with the new kitten (who is still wheezing a bit, after 3 weeks!). And Peekaboo developed a bad case of tracheitis, which included a high fever.
    Plus, the cats we began treating with antibiotics immediately, as soon as the first symptom appeared, have done better (= been less sick; no fever) than the ones we simply kept under observation for a couple of days. More proof of a bacterial infection. I should add that I’m also giving them vitamins and various lactobacillus (etc.) bacteria. And our vets are monitoring the situation. Believe me, I could do without the antibiotic part! Aaaaagh! 😉

  4. Blimey – you do have problems. We just have one cat, no visits to a vet during her (so far) 14 years. Just lucky I guess.

  5. My sympathies with the crafty cat… both of mine have medicine antenna and I have to keep my mind clear – like thinking about a white wall – when I have to administer any kind of stuff. Someone invented a cat bag for just these sorts of situations; velcro and canvas – but the challenge is getting them into it.

  6. Actually, I have good news (in addition to the BIG SUPERGOOD NEWS that we got this morning!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!! 🙂 ): yesterday evening we took Puzzola to the vet, and the crafty kitty seems to have cured herself. No kidding. Not one sneeze, no sore throat, no fever, nothing at all. The picture of health. Go figure. So we all happily agreed that she doesn’t need any medicine, nor do the other kitties (except the new kitten who is still a bit sick, though MUCH better, very active etc.).
    It’s a sunny day…on ALL FRONTS! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Have a wonderful male cat that had a urinary tract infection. He yowled all over the place and urinated everywhere instead of his box! Got him to vet and got him on antibiotic for 8 days. He is wonderful again. The vet did say that if we had not gotten him taken care of the infection would have caused death. This is first time he had been ill (4 yrs old). Scary times!! We wrapped him in a large towel and my husband grabbed the back of his neck (to keep his head still) and mouth open while I sqirted an eye dropper of meds in cat’s mouth. It worked like a charm!

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