Another smoldering myeloma story

It’s titled: “Coping with Uncertainty.” Ah yes, I know something about uncertainty…As many of you do, too, eh…

This is the story of Dr. Denise Nagel, diagnosed with smoldering myeloma in January of 2008. It was published in the “Huffington Post” in late July: How did I miss it??? Well, better late than never, right?

A couple of things reminded of one of my main pet peeves = doctors who shouldn’t have been allowed to become doctors in the first place. Let me illustrate my point with this particular remark, made by one of her doctors, a surgeon: “You know, if I had to deal with this all day, I would kill myself.” 

Doctors need more than just medical training. In fact, before they are even admitted to Medical school, I suggest that they be screened for kindness. Yes, for kindness. If you’re not a kind person, then, oh gee sorry, you have to choose another career.

People without empathy should not be allowed anywhere near patients…

And here is another interesting article written by Denise and published a few days later: Lots of good advice in it, including this: “Numbers matter, but they’re not everything.” Indeed, that’s what I have been saying for years…

And, of course: “Enjoy life more and don’t wait.” 🙂

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