If your house were on fire…

…and you only had a few seconds or, let’s say, a few minutes to rush to safety, what would you take with you? That’s a food-for-thought question I read in an Italian newspaper article this morning. Hmmm, yes, what would I save?

Obviously, I’d first make sure that Stefano was safe. And then I’d get the cats outside. But if I had a little more time, what else would I grab? That’s a toughie.

Old family photos and my digital camera? Ah wait, speaking of digital, all of my digital photos are on my computer, so would I also have to save my computer? And what about my Dad’s books and my sister’s ceramics? Or my stuffed animals, the ones I had as a child? Or my stash of curcumin/other supplements? Or…

Well, to be honest, I’d probably spend all my seconds/minutes chasing my hysterical cats up and down the stairs, so in the end I wouldn’t have time to save anything else…(Goes without sayin’…I hope I never have to find out!!!)

So, what would YOU save? 

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  1. Actually if my house was on fire and every soul I loved was out of the house I wouldn’t care that much about about the rest. I know that now. Learning it the hard way.

    My dad has cancer. It started as something else completely, I pain in the thigh muscles. During investigations they found a mass in his lung and something weird in the hip. They removed what was in the hip, biopsied the lung, he does treatment. Weird thing we still don’t know for what. After four separate histopatological and immunohistochemical analyses they still can’t tell which type it is, where it originated. He eats healthier than he ever ate his entire life, he takes his medicine and all that while having the worst leg pains, he can’t even stand on his own feet for too long. And even with all that that damn tumour is still slowly growing.

    But I didn’t say all this to depress you. Just for you to know where I’m coming from. Because as you can imagine, as most people like you, and those who come to this blog and many people over the internet I’ve been searching for something to help, ever since the first moment he was told there might be a problem. I have, like you, even started to understand what the medical papers are actually saying, trying to find things that aid the treatment that he’s taking, that make it more potent but doctors are either not allowed to prescribe because it’s not in the standard treatment or just don’t know about it.

    Curiously, I found this blog, not by searching curcumin, but JQ1, which excited me as much as it probably did with you. Searching the internet for clues is weird. I know you felt the rage and frustration too, of all these separate studies that are done uncoordinated, some being pointless, sometimes saying something promising and then saying that it will take 3 years just to get past phase 1 of clinical trials, of pharmaceutical companies promising drugs with great costs promising only slightly longer lifespan. By myself I wouldn’t know what to do with all this frustration. But when I feel that I sometimes come here to your blog to read it, to go through your thoughts, your experiments, your opinions, your life. It has a beautiful equilibrium which helps. You truly created a corner, a retreat from all this, where cancer exists but that reminds me that we fight it to enjoy the beauty of life, of knowledge and caring. And even though I do not know you, I love you and I just want to wish you all the best. Bless you Margaret.

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