When Harry met Sally…

I read the sad news about Nora Ephron’s death this morning…and a friend posted the link to her obituary in the “Washington Post”: http://goo.gl/rYZbY She had acute myeloid leukemia. 

Oh how much I enjoyed her movies, from When Harry met Sally to You’ve Got Mail…The former is my favorite movie ever…

Here’s an excerpt from When Harry met Sally…and no, it’s not what you are probably expecting, that is, the famous org…m scene. 😉 Nope, these are the cut-aways, which were brilliant, I thought: http://goo.gl/gBSNs “I knew the way you know about a good melon…”  Hehe. 

“Whaaat?” http://goo.gl/XcEAm

And then there’s the movie trailer, which has some of the best quotes (of which there are sooo many!): http://goo.gl/a4Yxm 

Great quotes from the movie: http://goo.gl/c18am Pick your favorite…Mine could be the two kinds of women quote, the high maintenance versus low maintenance. Hehe. 

Ah yes, fun memories…great movies. Nora, you were the best! 

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  1. Margaret,
    The following quote from Jane Shilling in the Telegraph today –

    When Nora Ephron was asked to write her autobiography in six words, she put: “Secret to life, marry an Italian.” (Her third, final and happiest marriage was to author and scriptwriter Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the screenplay to Goodfellas.

    So, you’ve got it made!

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